Best medium and other potting tips for autoflowers?

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Hello, apologies if this has already bee covered (I searched and didn't find anything recent...) but I am attempting my first indoor grow, and using autoflower seeds. I will be growing in plastic pots with built in drainage reservoirs, in some type of "soil" like medium.

I just ordered Pro-Mix HP –– anything else I might need? Seedings are started in peat pellets, will I need to do anything else other than pop them into the medium when they're ready for it?

When the time comes for fertilizing, I have the three Fox Farm nutrient bottles, an a digital ph meter, what's best for adjusting ph? I'm going to guess that if anything the nutrients will lower the ph already as it is, what should i use to raise it if it's -too- low?

Any other tips / tricks / recs / warnings for autflowers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

PS: here is where I'm documenting my progress on this first grow attempt
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