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Good looking grow!

Idk how much experience you had with fox farm Happy Frog and Ocean forest prior to this grow but this is what works well for me. I plant into 100% Happy Frog after seeds are germinated, I transplant in final pots by mixing 1 part Happy Frog to 2 part Ocean Forest. Ocean Forest is nutrient hot and mixing in this ratio with Happy Frog will prevent nutrient burn.

Your post at the beginning said you used Ocean forest with Happy Frog on top so I wasn't sure of the ratio you used, just thought I would share what works for me.
Yeah bro thanks for the mix tip, never tried that. What i did was amended the ocean forest with dry amendments, so to make sure transplants made it, i dug out about a gallons worth of hot soil and put happy frog in for the seedling. If i ever use hf i amend it, unless im germing in it. If i use ocean forest its on transplant only. But I'll give your mix a try to, but will still amend it, and by the time the nutes wear out in of, the dry amendments will be ready for consumption. Just got a bag of ocean forest yesterday.


Auto tent update
Dont know how old these gals are but im guessing they are about 3 weeks behind the harvested bpp. Speaking of her, she's getting better by the day, as far as smell and taste go. But the high is strong and long. Half a blunt and im good for 11/2-2 hrs. My kinda shit, too bad it was small.

The other gals are even smaller. But they smell good. The lsd-25 smells like vicks vapo rub to me. Str8 medicine. Been feeding them roots organic, will probably just hit them once more. And then just plain water.

After these autos are done, i will veg the 2 small clones out, take a clone from the gsc im giving to bro. That will be the clone i try to make male pollen with. Will order stuff this week it'll cost around $40-50. If that works ill take that pollen and try it on a couple of branches of both flowering plants. Hopefully I'll get some fem gsc seeds, and some ogxgsc fem seeds. If i do I'll do a run of those seeds asap. Its plan a, but i also have a plan b, which is pop some more seeds. Lol pics of auto tent.
IMG 20240207 094302925 HDR
IMG 20240207 094316456 HDR
IMG 20240207 094322998 HDR
IMG 20240207 094331192 HDR
IMG 20240207 094349023 HDR
IMG 20240207 094358253 HDR
IMG 20240207 094410100 HDR
IMG 20240207 094340057 HDR


Day 48 flowering beginning of week 8.
Babes are looking great, no complaints. The og is starting to flop over even more now. Her buds are thickening up nicely. The gsc is starting to swell alot too, and is dense and the frostiest out of them all. Still smells like piss to me. The lil white widow, is very small, with small dense, frosty budlets!!! Sometimes i think shes a waste of time, but i couldn't kill her. Im gonna have to start committing herbicide on these lil Not much resources used on her. Plain water and some dry amendments, and love. So no harm.
The vegging clones are doing great in new home, transplanted a few days ago.
The autos are little weak growing bitches, but what can i do, letem finish and smoke them
Next round I'll go with northern lights autos... Not gonna be expecting a lot out of them, they were freebies.
So far this run is going pretty good. The flowering babes are gonna get just water from here on out. Might hit ww with some roots organic terp tea bloom... Didn't topdress her with other 2 bc she was looking green and healthy from last topdress. Autos will also get just water. Heres some pics. Whatever uploads.
IMG 20240211 030241207 HDR
IMG 20240211 030350484 HDR
IMG 20240211 030324422 HDR
IMG 20240211 030314828 HDR
IMG 20240211 030307999 HDR
IMG 20240211 030213916 HDR
IMG 20240211 030202364 HDR
IMG 20240211 030154149 HDR
IMG 20240211 030147357 HDR
IMG 20240211 030139434 HDR


Enjoying some banana purple punch auto, she smells just like banana and berries. And the taste is a one, the high is pretty dam couchlocky, at first I feel a lil buzz in the head then, its off to tv land!!!
IMG 20240216 191029424
IMG 20240216 192502279


Day56 flowering
Dont know what day anything is in veg tent, been slacking real bad this grow. Veg plants are looking great, and the last auto is definitely fattening up, but tric production sucks as far as i can see. Got an extra clone(plant), bro still hasn't come get it. Been training veg plants with the lst clips, these things are great. And save alot of time, but im tying down too.
The flowering tent is nice. These are some of my frostiest plants. I thought the glookies was frosty, the og got her beat, and the gscookies got all they asses beat!!! That bitch is almost white. Cant wait to smoke her ass. Checked trics they're not done, I'll check every couple days seeing about 50/50cloudy/clear with an amber here and there. All of them look about the same, the ww had mostly clear, so she'll take longer. But if og and gsc are done b4 her she gets chopped too. Had to try and tie the og and ww up, gsc is leaning hard too. Man the buds on these plants are dense af, especially the og, dam her buds are rock hard. Reminds me of the glookies but these buds are long and thick. Gave all plants some water, I let flowering tent go a couple of days b4 watering. Everything gets plain water.
Was thinking another week, but they look like they might go longer. Not enough fade for me, ive noticed that letting my plants fade pretty good, the buds are tastier and done curing quicker, in my garden.
IMG 20240219 231338428
IMG 20240219 231328545 HDR
IMG 20240219 230355582 HDR
IMG 20240219 230337751 HDR
IMG 20240219 230328653 HDR
IMG 20240219 230313253 HDR
IMG 20240219 230302079 HDR
IMG 20240219 230256436 HDR
IMG 20240219 230248727 HDR
IMG 20240219 230240541 HDR


Day 61 and big gals are harvested. Checked trichs real good on several spots and it might be a lil late. Was seeing close to 50% amber in some spots. But mostly it was about 20%. They smell very blueberry!!
Also got the “veg/drying” tent setup in garage. Dont know how long ill be able to keep that going.View attachment 1330706View attachment 1330707View attachment 1330708View attachment 1330709View attachment 1330710View attachment 1330711
What size tent do you use? :)


What is hanging on the side of the buckets, with the green stake in it?


Felt like snapping a few to stare at!!! And to look at trics. Still a few too many clear but seeing more cloudy, and amber. Might go ahead and chop sunday or monday. Still know fade on white widow, but she flopping over big time. Might use net next time just to have something to hold them up. Seems like alot of work we'll see.
IMG 20240219 231338428
IMG 20240221 230045674 HDR
IMG 20240221 230139391 HDR
IMG 20240221 230125509 HDR
IMG 20240221 230118516 HDR
IMG 20240221 230107205 HDR
IMG 20240221 230054930 HDR


Day 59 trics. Are they ready? Anyone.
Image 2024 02 21 22 49 51 657
Image 2024 02 21 22 49 21 144
Image 2024 02 21 22 48 58 776
Image 2024 02 21 22 48 25 390
Image 2024 02 21 22 47 50 446
Image 2024 02 21 22 47 35 441
Image 2024 02 21 22 47 27 150

I think they're close to where i like them, so all will be chopped monday!!! Funtime coming.


Ok so today is day 62 and when lights go off, they'll get 48hrs or so of darkness. Then chop. Could i go another week, hell no, these bitties are done!!!! They look and smell great. Now i gotta try to keep this humidity near 55-60%. I'll leave most of the leaves on, and turn small fans off, and just have exhaust fan on very low. Then I'll go get bro's trim bowl, gonna hand trim all top nugs, but bottoms get the bowl. Hell might trim most by hand. That trim bowl is a lil rough with the buds, but its definitely faster and worth it for bottom smaller nugs.

Veg tent is looking ready for flowering. Got 2 gscookies and 1 og kush, all clones. And in germ kit i have 2 og clones, might take another 2 from gsc b4 i flip. Harvested last auto, she was done. Smells great. Im think maybe an ounce. For flowering tent im thinking 12ozs. Can't seem to get that pound. Maybe the scrog can do it. Also transplanted the clone i was giving to bro. Did a 50/50 mix of coco/soil and added some amendments. Snapped a few pics.
IMG 20240225 070851005 HDR
IMG 20240225 065619741
IMG 20240225 065611316
IMG 20240225 065603398
IMG 20240225 065554066
IMG 20240225 065537576
IMG 20240225 065531945
IMG 20240225 065523561
IMG 20240225 065412921 BURST000 COVER
IMG 20240225 065402457 HDR


Day 64 harvest day
Plants received about 36 hrs of darkness, and now they're hanging to dry in tent. Everything went w/o a hitch. OG lost a branch, and so did WW. The smell is awesome. During darkness, the temps in tent were 68 and humidity is at 50%. Not too bad, hoping for at least a 7-10 day dry.
Also put small auto in there, its been about 3-4 days drying for her. Maybe 2. Shes getting crunchy on outside so a couple more days.

Veg tent gals are ready too start flowering. They've got about 2 weeks before they get flipped, maybe longer wanna try to fill the net. Ordered some tent poles to try to keep net stretched and to keep sides from sucking in to bad.
Heres some pics.
IMG 20240227 082258823
IMG 20240227 082307623 HDR
IMG 20240227 082349822
IMG 20240227 082251294 HDR
IMG 20240227 083534245
IMG 20240227 093458647
IMG 20240227 082354649
IMG 20240227 083508055
IMG 20240227 083525430


Ok last auto is dried and in bag. 29grams which brings my total for all 4 autos to 4ozs. Not bad for a lil side harvest. And the smoke isnt bad at all. This shit smells great and hits pretty hard. I'll give 420 fastbuds a B rating, the only problem was size of plants. The genetics are great, if in the hands of a pro auto grower. Im not that! But all the seeds did eventually pop, and produced good bud. Also no density on any of the plants. This last one is very fluffy. Which is great for rosin pressers, but im a smoker, i want dense nugs!!! Im happy overall, and would buy from them again.
IMG 20240229 034128184


Ok watered veg tent today, the gsc and og have been in the buckets for about 25 days or so. And the orphaned gsc clone(smallest) was put in bucket about a week or so ago. Shes the oldest, but kept her in 1 gal for about 10 or so after other 2 were They've probably all been vegging for about 45 days or so. But they were clones so took time to root and about 2 weeks of slow veg. That dam gsc has taken over the tent, can't wait to get her under the net. Maybe other two will catch up then. 2 og clones are looking great. Thinking about taking one from gsc, to add to sts fem seed spray down!!!! Ordered stuff yesterday to do reversal on og clones.

Drying plants are not dry, it's only been 3days. Temps and humidity have been ok. 70° and 50%
IMG 20240301 084258124
IMG 20240301 084319179 HDR
IMG 20240301 084349085 HDR
IMG 20240301 084400831 HDR
IMG 20240301 084414021 HDR
IMG 20240301 084341570 HDR


Ok update on harvest and veg plants.
So drying plants were a crunchy on the outside, to where when you squeeze the bud, the crispy outside leaves are falling off. So went ahead and bucked all the buds of plants, and put them in cardboard boxes. The white widow is dry, smoking some now. Smokes great stays lit and burns slow, taste is there a lil but not yet, and so far im feeling great about halfway through a hemp blunt. She ended up producing 75grams, not bad at all. The gsc is the frostiest ive ever grown, i can tell by just looking at her she gone be fire. Shes the only one still on stems, will buck her tonight and tatse her too. The og is about dry, can still feel moisture in some of the inside stuff, no mold i was looking, so glad i put in boxes, thanks for tip chron.
Got veg plants in their new home and they are getting blasted with light. Well bout 600ppfd. And the net is up, just need to get front piece of pvc for front of tent. Also took pots from garage that autos are going in and put them in veg tent so they can warm up for a couple days b4 i plant. Clones are still green and i think i see roots. But i wanna be sure. Well heres some pics.

Flowering tent, it now has net over plants. Will post those pics later when lights come on.
IMG 20240304 100407689
IMG 20240304 100354319 HDR
IMG 20240304 100328709 HDR

Veg tent
IMG 20240304 100248541 HDR

LtoR:GSC, OG Kush, and lil ole wwidow
IMG 20240304 091636361

Gsc. Looks and smells great
IMG 20240304 091843422

Og kush
Og lookin good

Ogkush is plentiful and smelly
IMG 20240304 091836295

WW not bad was gonna toss her!!! 75 grams no stems, bucked off b4 scale.
IMG 20240304 090430252
IMG 20240304 091826178
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