BHO open blasting. Waxing up during vacuum purging.

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Hey all, pretty new to the extraction process. Learning blast by blast. I am running into some issues with my slab waxing up in certain areas during vacuum purge.

I'm running Mataro Blue through my stainless steel open blasting tube.

I'm drying 30 grams flower after being chopped up for a day.

I'll pack and vacuum the extractor tube and freeze in my freezer over night.

From there I blast my 300ml can 5x filter butane into frozen tube untill the tube and can equalize.

I attach vibrator and wrap in cold packs.
Then back into freezer for 30 mins with butane in the tube.

Pull from freezer and blast any remaining butane that will go into the tube.
Open bottom valve and extrude into 8x12 glass pyrex dish.

After all liquid butane has off gassed I add to griddle and continue off gassing untill all large bubbles are gone. Keeping 110 maximum temp.

Scrape with razor blade onto silicone mat, trying to minimize "whipping"

From there I try an have the thinnest layer of oil possible and enter into my vacuum chamber. I Have it on a ceramic hot plate. Inside my chamber I have a rack set up so my silicone mat isnt directly on the bottom of the vacuum chamber.

I bring the temperature of the material to 90-100 and begin purging. After only 2 hours everything has settled down and virtually stopped reacting.

I open vacuum and flip slab over, bring to temperature again. Pull vacuum for another hour and by then parts start to wax up.

This is right after running all the butane through my tube. Dont worry, I have that electrical box un plugged from the wall.

I've tried the hot water bath too.

Right before scrape.

In the chamber before the flip.

This one here was one of the cleanest, best tasting slabs yet. But had the least yeild.


Here in the upper middle you notice the wax starting. Different slab. Same strain.

You can see the bottom of this one is starting to wax up.


They all finish as a bend and snap consistency. I'm wonder how people get that swiss cheese looking like slab with all the holes in it. All while being that brittle like consistency.

Any productive criticism is welcom. Thank you.


Hmmm. Vibrator tek, that's new to me.

I found that getting it into the vac after the butane is thoroughly evaporated, before scraping or agitating it in any way, is the best way to get super glassy shatter. That way it really is the thinnest layer possible. I liked to have it under vac for 4-6 hours before scraping. Definitely makes it more difficult to collect. Many's the shard I caught in the eye scraping with a thin metal spatula...


So bro I know your problem u would have to
Do at least a 1LB run better result and why your product does that is because the lipids in the flower create it to sugar off and wax up due to them not being pulled out during the bho evaporation process after blasting your tube it’s best to blast into parchment paper easier to maneuver after it’s ready.
Make sure your safe doing this man I’ve had two of my close buddies blow up, this stuff isn’t safe at all, don’t smoke or have any open outlets wires or anything hanging around or butane, and have water and a fire hydrant at all time your life is more important then the wax, I’ve been there and done as well myself! Ventilate all the time be smart and don’t be high while doing it always watch and do your timers for different things ! Just wanted to let you know man just be safe and enjoy it , because extraction is a great form of chemistry!


Shit looks fire bro.i have the same issues sometimes. I open blast.i think its a combination of factors.. Moster from freezer or small drops of condensation.and purge at lower heat for a longer time.worked for me


Looks so yummy I wanted to go this way but risky I'm looking at nugs smashers and anyone know how to they make wax that looks like budder?


That is moisture bro . Water boiling under your slab . Only way I got around it is store them silica pouches in the vac chamber that way the stainless is dry dry Also leave some around the slab while purging . The ones that turn blue are awesome cook them back pink and refuse.

Closed loop we use moleculoar sieves to get the moisture out .

Also like above poster said heat. . you can actually leave it on 90 deg open chamber overnight to evaporate. The moisture has to go somewhere .

Also scraping and parchment ?:1980s called they want thier tech back .

Imo ptfe sheets are the only way to process bho , fold them into square boats and blast into them. I've done it while they are floating in warm water as well.

Sold under brand name slick sheets but cheaper from China ptfe sheets /rolls fyi these are the white actual ptfe. Not the brown teflon mats .


If u want it hard freeze everything for 24hours b4 blasting tubes cans even gloves colder u blast the less crap u pull out but also you lose yeilds .

Many dewaxing threads out there if u went to do it after blasting .
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