Big / deficiency problem?

Hi guys new to the forum here I’m having problems with bugs and some weird looking leaves, I’m almost sure the bugs are aphids , I’ve been spraying them with safes end all solution, and separate concoction of alcohol water and dish soap , was good for a while just checked my yellow stickers and found a bunch!!!
This leaf also has some spotting I’m not sure about ...

first time indoor grower and I need help please!!
to much soap can cause the issue with the leaves,do you ever rinse them off before reapply? those are some really green leaves so no lack of N which makes me think you are alright on calcium,but hard to tell,
do a slurry test on your soil,but you can do to much soap on the leaves,even with neem oil to much can sufocate it a bit,far as the bugs folk been sayin green clean or something like that works wonders .
someone will chime in and tell ya the right name of it,but i really think soap