Bio365 Bio Bloom I was told by the man at the grow store to bye this because all you have to add is water all the way to Week 8 . So I started a grow

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By week 4 of Flower I had 2 of my 4 plants start to lighten up in color and the Buds that were growing nicely stopped growing . The other 2 plants of this grow grew fine and finished at week 8 Are you supposed to add nutrient to this kind of soil? I checked the soil ph and it was at 7.6 so I thought it was getting lock out so I sprayed some water soluable fish emulsion on it for feeding and it limped along until I chopped it at 7 1/2 weeks. What should I put in my soil to prevent the depletion of NPK as the plant progresses through mid to later flower ? Anyone haveing issues with Bio365 Biobloom ? I start my seeds in 16 oz cups and transplant them when they are ready into 5 gallon grow pots . I give them about 2 weeks and then I flip them to 12/12 to keep the size down to about 3-4 ft when completed. Any suggestions. Thank folks
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