"Black Hawk Down" Exotic Genetics: Test Grow/Journal

looking real good Kushluvr.
thx catdaddy......i have been real busy, both those flower room are in week 8 now, coming down very soon!

awesome room KL! everything looks great!!
thx TH, thats where ive been hiding the last few months! i finally got a huge batch of soil ready for myself and ill be putting everything in it from now on! i couldnt be more excited to get it going! i ran roots organics original this run, and lets say it was a good run, but not what im used too! that stuff just doesnt have much in it!

hope all is good with you, saw some pics of the ogchem? looks FAF bro! nice job!
Thx dirk....

Got the family around this week, I'll shoot some more shots next week, I move the veg girls into the flower room next week and I'll have lots of space to take shots...in all rooms!

Happy thxgiving farm!