blue sky cafe (sr71) KRYPTONITE GROW

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What I got:
10'x10' space
2x 4'x4' flood trays
2x 1khps (1k over each tray)
3 gal hydroton, drip, rec res
Temp: lights on 72-85, lights off 80-90
No co2
Strain: SR71 kryptonite & gdp

The situation,
Just finished a batch of gdps and..... F@#$%&G SHH! Horrible yeild but that could be from the 85° room temps....either way I'm pissed since my kryptos flourished in that heat!

table 1, I have 10 2-2.5ft. kryptos 2 weeks into flower and they filled the 4x4. In about a week ima harvest table 2's disappointment...... here's the big question, should I try the gdp again and use my 23 gdps, or split the krypto's, 5 in each table. Will
the 10 kryptos utilize the 2kw of lights light given my set up? Which setup will yeild better by utilizing the light I guess is what I'm asking.

Any input would help. If you know the strains I'm working with, the your input is golden! Weather should be cooling so maybe the gdp will do better...
Ill post some pics because.... people like pics.

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