Bluebuddha's first grow with Led

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After 5 days from transplant, they've dropped more roots and hitting the reservoir/nutes(dwc).

Environment is stable(ish) it bounces

Ph 5.8-6.1
Temp 75-82
LST 74-76
RH 60-70%
VPD .8 -1.2

PPFD 400-450 @38" above canopy

Jack's 321 @ 650ppm

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Ph 5.9-6.15 slightly raising.
Temp 75-79
LST 74-75
RH 60-70%
VPD .8 -1.2

Dropped light to 25%
PPFD 350 @38" above canopy
24 hrs on

Jack's 321 @ 675ppm

Foliar with 1/2 TBSP per gallon of Mg.

50 % strength Mr Fulvic in reservoir.

Top fed with 325ppm Jack's 321 x2 day.

Roots have dropped more and now touch the res.

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I'm having issues with yellowing as you see. I can only assume it is the led intensity?

It looks like they're starving so, I backed off the light, dropped it to 25% and upped the nutes, added Fulvic and foliar fed with Mg.

With the LEDs @ 25% the temps have dropped a few degrees.

Any thoughts?
Increase epsom and calc nit


There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for first babies.

The PH on res1 and 2 drifts higher from 5.9 to 6.2 every 24 hours. No more snot though.

Gave 1/2 a new GH air pump, and moved the other air pump to new babies.
Have you tried a little lower around 5.5ph?


After reading Dr. Bugbee's published research on the subject which states 'Calcium is a slow uptake nutrient and has the potential to build and cause an imbalance and lockout'.

I got anxious and changed out 90 gallons. I impressed myself with my off the cuff calculations for ppm levels and came out to a perfect 575 ppm.

I also wanted to thank @ninjadip for recommending this:
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I haven't set it up yet but it looks great sitting on the floor...

I added 240 watt QB on one side and a King LED, KP2000

I may be imagining it but the frost seems more prominent under it.
K the top device is dope...


Lol. Thanks. The TARDIS is the mother tent. The plants just said fkit and grew past the light . The aero manifold is on the way so I'll be cutting all the tops off. " I bit off more than I can grow" ha!


I haven't read through this thread, I searched TPS billions and this came up. I just wanted to ask what you thought about it. It seems like it's got 3 great beneficials in it.
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