Bong Or Pipe

I would prefer a bubbler pipe as its much smother then a pipe without water, bongs are awesome if you want to feel the effects quicker. They call it a bong rip for a reason because once you done your ripped lawls...atleast for me im a light weight :)

I enjoy smoking my medicine at a medium pace like 2 bowls hitting it casually,
My pipe from the early 1970's. Basically a one hitter if you got the capacity. Bought in either Haight Ashbury, S.F., or Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. Feels good in the hand, lips fit inside the chamber and draw.
now I toke the igloo on some dabs, pipe for traveling, bong at home. Joints are for whenever, unless you put wax on that j-bird. smoke!
Well first off I just have to state that I prefer a bong any day of the week to a pipe for sheer sneak up and bite you in the back of the brain ferocity they can contain. One big smooth hit and you just smoked a whole bowl. No muss, no fuss.

I do have to state however that they've done testing on smoke filtered through water and it's not good at catching anything more than the ash that occasionally sucks through a pipe. It doesn't take out more than 2-5% of anything at most. So don't go fooling yourselves too hard that a bong is any healthier. Either vape or eat medibles or just accept the fact that smoking isn't healthy and pick the way you like best!
I know this is an old thread, but after countless losses of glass pipes, I decided to try something else (Ceramic and about $20 on Fleabay)..Looks so nice, I haven't tried it yet..LOL.
This guy in Colo. imports them from Peru..I guess I will have to order another piece from him to see how it serves as a hash pipe..otherwise, Vaping, bubblers, and bongs are for my flower. As for concentrates..I like the Evolve Plus.

Gnome pipe 2.JPG

I smoke Super Fattie joints.
Snuff them out with a mini-stone snuffer for easy restarts.
To make the fattie I use 2 papers.
The first paper is stuffed with more weed than it can hold.
All I have to do is get 1/2 of the paper to stick...
Then I roll it in the 2nd paper.

These 2 paper joints don't ever burn badly.
Big joints just taste better than pinners.