Boomer's Ocean Grown 5k watt ScrOG Lab w/ c02

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Harvest Update Table 2

Found sum pix i took the beginning of the week but should do sum justice for ur bud porn fans.

Table 2;
Advanced Nutes Connessiour A&B macro
Table 1;
Advanced Nutes Sensi A&B macro

Seems like table 2 packed on more weight but could be the structure due to supercropping.

Milky White trichomes
Red pistil hairs
Purple-green nugs

The pix below are all of table 2's harvest.

Table 2

The graveyard

Closet full of goodness

Table 2 is curing...

Clones for the collective.

Stay tuned for the final weight report and total GPW.


Very nice harvest Boom excellent work !!!

I see you have a few clones, haha dam man tons of little ones.


Table 2 GPW

After a week of hang drying, Table 2 has been cut down into nugs and jarred for curing. They seemed to dry up faster due to weather change.

GPW= .80

Slightly higher than table 1. I was expecting more from table 2 but i also harvested at day 87-89.

I am done with this hydro setup and looks like the next run will be straight UC flowering. I will convert all my previous flower equip into veg equip @ the shop.

Shop update;
finishing the taping today and texture/painting this week. Still got a lot of work to do but glad most the heavy labor is done. my knees are busted. :icon_dizzy:

Met with both collectives this weekend. I submitted samples to be tested with
CannaChemistry and results will be here in a day or two for THC % and CBD %
The certification will make it better for patients to choose the right meds.
If anyone is looking to get their product tested just hit up Jeff through the website;
He is So cal Local but arrangements can be made if ur further away. they test anywhere from 1 strain to 100's for growers and collectives.

Stay tuned for more updates...


Prop 19

Today was def surreal voting on a prop to legalize cannabis here in california.
It is currently 51% NO to 49% YES. I cant believe this is so close. If voted in it could be a world game changer. Although the feds will be all over everyone and i will be lurking in the shadows as planned.


Excellent work Boomer - this is the most current i've seen.

750,650 (45.1%) 911,674 (54.9%)

54.9% being not in favor of prop19.


Beautiful ladies, my friend. What are your roots looking like? It's hard to tell in the pictures, but I'm assuming they just run along the top of the tray?


Time to smoke a bowl. Prop 19 failed to pass. Cannabis remains illegal for now. Medical community is still the lead ship.


Packing up...

thank you to all those who followed and helped with the grow. Im done and packing up and moving. Best of luck to everyone and best advise is always follow your gut feeling and stick to the rules. they are there for a reason.


A6 Grower

Great following you boom, Packin up? you still gana show off that warehouse one day? Good luck to ya!

A6 Grower

Hope all is well dog, long time no hear, hope your still growin that dank you were so known for, one of the peps i looked up to man, THANKS!!!


so ive been swamped and laggin on pix. figured it didnt really matter since the garden wasnt up kept towards the last weeks and i never got to clean off all the dead material and shit until harvest. so needless to say a harvest shoot wouldve just looked shitty. i like the bouquet appearrance of the flowers but with brown shit all over it looks like fall... lol.

anyways i chopped all of table 2 and is hanging in the old veg room. theyre drying alot faster than table 1 did due to this dry fall weather. temps are legit but RH% is trippin and weve got hardcore santa ana winds blowin thru. glad im not outdoors... lol.

So looking/trimming table 2's nugs im already gonna predict 4lbs.
Table 2 was a contolled experiment in a way;

I used AN's Connessiour A&B macro and supercropped during veg very consitant and never attempting a scrog on table2. the netting was just for support. the internode spacing was very tight and helpd the nug development so i have huge colas. i mean compared to table1.

ill get u guys sum new hang dry shots today and the weight report next week.

We finished the taping at the shop. Got a grip of pondliner. Texturing and painting the walls next week and should be done by the end of the week. next step is electrical, AC, and equip.

Were waiting on Edison to upgrade my 100amp breaker to a 200amp 3-phase box so i can use my 10tons AC more efficiently.

Weve been crunching numbers to figure out how to fit all my power equip within a 3phase 200amp breaker. it is def gonna be close.

So far im going with my "Plan B" setup which isnt the full "premo" setup i have planned, but spending/saving that type of funds takes time and ive got a lot of overheard to pay for.

But a sneak peak for discussion on the new setup is;

Flower Room;

2x UCXL13 16site systems.
(under current's XL 13gallon buckets/ 16 sites per system)
8x1000w Super HPS
5ton AC w/ UV light
C02 natural gas generator
Adjust a wing XL reflectors
1HP chiller w/ 2x (HI) Cooling Coils
4x 150carbon can
6x wall fans
Commercial Dehuey

Strains on Deck now;
Power Kush
OG x Bubba
Pre '98 Bubba
Master x Bubba

I will double the setup mentioned above once i crop out and reinvest. launching a clothing line as well soon once all the legal shit is ready.

I will not be running my veg room until crop out since i dont have the power supply yet.

I plan to scrog the UC systems and my goal is 1.5 GPW

Ill get u guys sum pix soon when things slow down and i find my brain...
are you aiming for gram per watt per month or just gram per watt
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