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New,Gwan the keeper of the trees...available soon.
The breeders I list here I have either grown my self or I knew that the nugs I smoked came from their seeds direct. All the seeds I grew and know for sure were either notill organic with bubble teas or a super soil with bubble teas. I'm sure no matter what they will have something above many companies but for max effect those two were where its at alll organic

Cali connection this breeder company has a very strong seed when it pops the effects and power wer there even in the fem seeds I grew their 818 headband fat!!!! Tops, and I grew the dna limited cross purple chem x larry og cut cpt krypt. Wonderful experence.

Humbolt seeds company I grew their 707 truthband fem seed and it was great had the effect and power as described flavor, but several of my older seeds from them didn't pop but when they do its a great plant worth keeping around I suggest their regs for a pheno hunt and keep long term.

Exotic genetics this company isn't for the everyday stoner they have some serious power seeds that grease monkey is intense I find their strains ive tried to powerful for me and I get paranoid anxiety but some like being that high and the terp profiles. Defiantly beauties if your worried about complaints from folks unless your grow is seriously weak I think it will be very powerful. I have on a few occasions smoked it and was fine no paranoia anxiety with that great booming high booming but the grower had serious skills.

TGA genetics ive had old school jinx proof 9lbs hammer, old school timewreck, conspircay kush that I can recall very great seed and plants not for light weights and many strains seem to have a cap or geno variation that bring anxiety or paranoia because of its banging thc and serious terps. I assume african landraces with high thc v crossed in i don't know... But they earned their place here

High grade seeds .com they have their own seeds they have breed some nice old clasics and crosses, I grew nyc purple diesel, blue hawaiian, malawi gold, malanje gold, I was very happy with their landraces and that nyc purple diesel was epic... I bought their hindu kush, afghan poison, eletric fruit punch, big blue, blue rhino seeds as well but no grows yet. Malawi gold, malanje gold and nyc purple diesel were winner though.

DNA I was happy with their limited line and cockett family farms also their regual line isn't anything to turn a nose down at. I grew sour krypt, PCK, 91krypt. All great seeds wish I still had the plants.

Hazeman seeds I grew their elepahnt stomper and was very pleased with their it pheno.

Medicann seeds with their blue blood a great experence

Sensi seeds skunk #1 was great

Nirvanas seeds early girl if that's the right company

Alphakronic seeds stephen hawakins kush and hisenburg kush, snozberry, cronuts

Von kush autoflower seed from I think flash seed company the only auto I ever had that had any sort of effect or power

Kens kush seeds with original gdp if their current seeds are anything like the ones before wow

Jordan of the island dutch treat was exceptional so I assume the rest of their strains similar quality seed

This is what I can recall atm please ad more and let us know your experence


New,Gwan the keeper of the trees...available soon.
Dynasty seeds huckleberry diesel, salmon river og were great flavor and effects
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