Brief log and some snap shots from my second outdoor grow

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Ok guys like I said I'm nowhere near an expert this is only my second grow ever and the first one i was given 3 plants that were half-way thru veg so I hardly did any work and I really wouldn't barely even count it as a grow. This year I was given some clones with a variety of strains and somewhere along the line I lost/misplaced the labels so I'm really not sure what's what. Getting close to harvest so I figured I'd share some pics and brief summary of how each plant did.

20210830 085841

This one is already harvested and cured. This plant turned out to be an autoflower which was a surprise to me. As you can see it had decent girth to it. We had a rainy spell for like a week and I pulled it on August 30th after noticing some bud rot i figured it was close enough to harvest. The plant was in a 3 gallon container and yielded right around 3 and a half ounces dry weight. It did get infested pretty good by cabbage worms (you can see their poop in the picture above.) It wasn't too bad though I plucked all of them out with tweezers and by the time i made the last trim there was none left. Here's a picture a picture of the buds after drying like a week or so
20210906 085253 1630932815267

It's nothing you're gonna see in a high times magazine but it smelled pretty dank and overall I was happy. I did one more little manicure after this pic and that was the end of it.
The next two plants were really small like the autoflower in 3 gallon containers but they were photoperiods and they were both clearly the same strain. I harvested them about a week apart and just took the second one down yesterday. I did not take any pics of them alive but I have a picture of them hanging right now. Overall it was a weak yield but I was expecting that and they were really easy to take care of. They looked fairly mature with some nice orange hairs and some brown trichome heads so when they started showing some powdery mildew i fought it for a week or two and pulled them before it even had the chance to get out of control. As you can see they were both tiny and about 2-3 feet tall.
20210925 124152

you can clearly see i pulled the plant to the left on the inside earlier (they have been drying a week and are almost ready to be jarred. the one on the outside that is more green was pulled two days ago. here is a pic of them up close
20210925 124348

these two were pretty underwhelming in the yield department but that's pretty much what I expected in those tiny pots. I think it's decent quality at least and will probably give alot of it away.
The rest of my plants are still growing and I'll show you what we got.
20210925 111108

This one I'm 95% sure was the white widow. It is planted right into the natural un-amended soil and overall has done pretty well. It exploded in growth the last 2 weeks but seems to have come to a halt. This picture doesn't really do it justice but as you can tell it's changing colors. At first I thought it was a calmag deficiency but I fed it and it didn't seem to do much so I think the plant is just getting ready for the end of the season. It's packed with sugar and showed some really nice colors with some magenta and purple. It's a little shorter than me but probably close to 6 foot tall.
20210925 111020
20210925 111038

overall this plant was extremely low maintenance. It's in natural soil never got sprayed never got infested by bugs and never showed any signs of PM or bud rot whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised by this and I'm hoping it packs on a little more weight the next 2 weeks but will be a decent yield either way.

This next one is clearly sativa dominant. It started flowering a little before the others and is still taking wayyy longer to mature. It's packing some decent weight and showing signs of maturity but it's not quite there yet. I've been babying it and bringing it into the garage at night with a fan where I also have a HPS 400 watt light that i use when it's rainy. I will probably keep this one going until frost at the very least, I want some water bottle top kolas but we will see

20210925 134944
20210925 135033
20210925 135102

it may not look like it but this one is packing some decent weight I'm guessing it will be a half pound at least maybe upwards of a pound. It's only a 5 gallon container I think and she's about 5 foot tall ( in the pot) She has been relatively problem free. a few slight signs of PM that I have been able to keep at bay pretty easily.
This next one has been the wild card of the year. It's planted right into the natural untouched soil and my buddy decided to plant this one in narnia so far away and down a trail I have to take the four wheeler down to it so it has been neglected. Only half the plant is getting sunshine and it's only afternoon sun. Despite the neglect and terrible spot she's done pretty well. It's the tallest plant out of all of them (about 7 feet) and it's a very luscious healthy looking green. The flowers are way behind because the main stalk split in half right around the onset of flowers. I zip tied and duck taped her and she recovered well. low-maintenance is an under-statement for this one she is still thriving. I call this one two-face because only half the plant gets good sun and i forgot which strain it is. The weather is holding out nicely and hopefully she explodes in the next couple weeks
20210925 121942

good side^
20210925 122027

weak side^
20210925 121815

under-developed flowers^
last but not least we got another little girl. Not sure which strain it is but I always had low hopes for this plant. The pot is WAY too small and it really looked pitiful and flimsy but it bounced back a little bit. Definitely not gonna be a big yielder but the flowers are looking really sugary. I will be able to keep this one going for longer since it's in a pot and nice and small enough to throw out on the porch at night. This one gave me the most problems out of all of them I think. At one point I thought it was dying and it also had PM and an aphid infestation. I fought all of it off though and I'm proud of it considering all of that:
20210925 130231
20210925 130156
20210925 130205


That's pretty much it boys and girls. If you have any questions or comments feel free. Last but not least I'll show you a picture of my helper. She walks down to the plants with me to help feed them and pees near them to keep the critters away :D
20210925 111234

Hope everybody's having a good day and is scoring some awesome harvests this year, cheers.

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