Broad mites? Heat stress? Nute and salt buildup?

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Hi friends. First time grower here
I’m currently growing five aculpulco gold femi plants from seed.

One was sick that exhibited signs of broad mites. No visible bug remnants. Plastic looking leaves blisters etc. I removed her and put her down. First picture illustrates her condition before discard.

the remaining four are growing in 5 gallon fabric pots of 6 parts organic soil, .1 part bone and blood meal. one part worm castings, three parts agricultural lime(fuck up), two parts coco coir. Mix was not cooked prior to transplanting(rookie).
Three spyderfarmer 1000d lights 14” off canopy.
One of those four exhibited signs of the same problems in the dying plant at first but has recovered. I think. It is stunted. It’s soil ph is 7.0 and the runoff is 6.8ish. It is now day 35 from sprout. All plants have been fed twice at 1/2 recommended strength of refertilizer grow nutes. What’s been concerning to me is that the healthier plants are starting to have weird coloured veins and stomata as well as shinier looking lower growth. Photo 2 is the recovered plant. Photo 3/4/5 are the leaves of the rest of the plants. Does this look like a nutrient lockout problem from ups and downs from not cooking soil? Or do you think a pest is responsible? Someone told me the first plant that died was for sure mites but I’m not so sure. I am sure I have made many errors so far. Also, It has been hot in the grow room due to crazy high temps here in bc (26-28c soil temp). Is this heat stress? Thoughts? If you can point me in the right direction I can further investigate. Thanks gents and ladies!
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 2
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 3
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 4
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 5
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 6
Broad mites heat stress nute and salt buildup 7


You should start your plants in some mild dirt like happy frog in a solo cup or small pot, let them grow for a month or so and then transplant into amended soil mix. The cotyledons ( first small round leaves) have all of the fertilizer the plant needs for the first few weeks.
You've burned them with the super soil and they also look overwatered. Trial and error is the best way to learn.


firstly there are a few things going on..
i’m not sure experienced with led lights but you should raise the lights 14 inches seems too close, how often do you water? i’m thinking your underwatering them.

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