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Gotta love bottled formula for the babies. I can tell any time they change the formula on Budcandy and I've never even used the shit.

Comparing ButtCandy to ferments is like claiming spraying your bud with honey really is to feed the microbes..if you bottle babies truly believe anythin you copy paste, youd be making the real inputs yourself and actually have a real quality smoke as the end result rather than the impostor fake shit weighed down with sugar water. I do admit though , out of the big 3 sugar water products out their, ButtCandy is the least pukeworthy (they took the magnesium out so people could use it like they want, at harvest.. Proving the twisted illogical nonhuman mindset of bottled growers and their enablers. Why would you feed microbes the day of harvest? Do these people hear themselves??! )

I swear. People wanna jack off over bogus fertilizer descriptions of what they pretend to be instead of taking that info and making the real deal.. They think the lies and marketing validate the wasted money and quality washed down the drain on sugar and salt water.


you could pay something like $30/L for bud candy or you could go to your nearest grocery store and get some organic blackstrap molasses and some sucanat(bought both for $10). They do the same thing as bud candy, provide plants with sugars and carbs, but 4 a lot less. 1 tsp of each per gallon while flowering, throughout flushing as well. plants love it. plus it is somewhat helpful in the prevention of insects in your grow medium. If you want the lowdown on sugars search for the thread titled magic molasses. Happy Growing:)

p.s. the organic, wholefoods grocery stores are good places to look for sucanat and blackstrap molasses.

Thanks for the tips, i read this yesterday and went and bought some blackstrap molasses but couldnt find any sucanut.

I did however find this product and was wondering if you know if it will do the same job?

Hopefully you are still on here
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