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Thats what the other tent is for 😉. Still getting my sea legs and learning from you legends 🙌 don't ever plan to get that big but this is a very therapeutic hobby so who knows. Keep up the great work!
It's a lot of fun, and picking apart a perpetual garden, watering it, and re-assembling it is quite bit of work, TBH. But I have fun, and I've got the time, and if it's neglected, it can go south really fast. I've learned lot's of things by mixing things up now and again. I feel like I'm a more well rounded grower because of it.

Not an expert on any one thing, but decent at doing almost anything. So many things can be done with mediums, coco, soil... (I need to work on improving hydro, and/or aeroponics) I need more space so I can do other things, but maybe one day, I hope.

I've got a idea for doing a grow outside, and making it more self sufficient.
autofeeeders... Solar powered.
Been planning this one for a bit, maybe set it up tonight. But it only pumps a short distance, so needs intelligent design.
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