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Watered them and got them closer to the lights, while at the same time getting them above the intake flaps... Brrr.


I ordered some 9"x9" pots for them... Hopefully, THOSE will be big enough for them until they show preflowers.

Aren't fingers supposed to come in odd numbers?



How many rooms you got going there? 3?

That funky Hindu still praying to Brahma?

Yes, three.
Set up to run a veg, a day flower, and a night flower... But currently, it's running as two veg and one flower.
Used to be standard practice to run a day and night flower... Prevented spikes in the grid. 😎
Now I'm doing it primarily as a means of keeping temps and humidity up in the lung room over the winter.

Yeah, the Funky Hindu are still praying... Getting chunky too.
Was looking at them last night thinking, "hmm... I shoulda cloned this."... But nah, it's a herm... Not even sure I'll let it finish.


It's gotten tough to get them all in one photo.


Is about time to spread them out more... I'm thinking four per tray, but today is not the day... There's other fun to had, and the new (bigger, 9x9) pots will be here soon anyhow.
I'm tempted to cut the tops off, stick them in rooters, and put them (the cuttings) under a 12/12 light cycle... But I should have plenty of veg space to grow these until preflowers show once I get the GMO's and mb15 outta the way. So, probably not worth the effort.
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