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So I just moved into this sweet house, got my card, and decided to convert this closet into a growing center. I've grown IN my closet before, and even had a little box thingy. But now that the opportunity has arisen, I've decided to build my closet into the perfect farm for me. So after a while of research and blueprinting, this is what I've come up with.

My goal is to have separate rooms for everything, with a locking door for each part. I'm good at carpentry, have all the tools, and access to all the materials.

I want to use the space as efficiently as possible. I'm building shorter and wider chambers, so that I can veg for shorter times, trim a bit, and let the the cola flower. Which would mean not needing as much height in each room.

It's also right next to the window, so I'll have some kinda setup for inlet and outlet tubes.

I'd like to have the lights from the veg room, flower room, and mother room all behind glass with a separate airflow. I'll duct the three light rooms together in a way that light won't go through the ducts to the next room.

I also plan on doing the same thing with the airflow for all the rooms. I'll make the walls hollow and direct the air through a turn or two so light can't get through.

The inside dimensions of the closet are 96" high, 7' wide, and 2' deep. The doorway is 71" high and 78" wide. The flowering room is 4'x4'x2' on the bottom-left, the mother's room is 3'x4'x2' on the bottom right, the veg room is 3'x4'x2' on the top right, and then th 4'x4'x2' room on the top left is going to have all the wires and fans and stuff all mounted to the top few feet, with a switch panel easily accessible. Then I'll mount some fluorescents below that in a way they can come out easily for maintenance. That'll give me about a foot and a half of room under the lights for clones to root.

That's about all I have figured out so far. I'll have a few pics up this evening. Mostly I'm hoping people can point out when/where I mess up on this whole setup so I don't have to find out a lot later on my own.


We seem to be doing around the same thing except I don't have the whole layout of my closet yet and it's my first indoor grow. Growing 3 White Widow and just now learning how to do it so here in 2 weeks I can get started. Good luck on your grow.. would love to see it.
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