Bysameyee USB digital microscope help please

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impulse buy and could use some help getting better pictures. it's 40 -1000 magnification. or so they say.
it came with a crappy stand which already stripped the wing nut threads the first time i used it, but i was able to re-thread it and use a proper wingnut.
this is the best i could get so far for pics.
i took these with the led lights on.
any advice would be great guys

Bysameyee usb digital microscope help please
Bysameyee usb digital microscope help please 2
Bysameyee usb digital microscope help please 3


That does not look too bad for a $25 microscope.

With cheap microscopes the optics are just not great. You get what you pay for. Most lenses are plastic.

One comment I might make is that you could possibly get a better image if you cut off the plant part to look at and take it into a room with normal lighting. These images look washed out due to too much light.


If you play with the lighting dial, sometimes the resolution will get better with lower lighting. I find that if I begin, after I've found the sweet spot with focus, I dial the light down lowest and start to build up to the right lighting. The trichs will go through different resolutions as the lighting changes. Too bright and it will look like it has halos of light in the heads. And it makes the clear trichs look "icey" IMO, and one you find the right lighting you can see the transparency and the cloudiness changing. Let me find you a few... the first is too much light for my resolution liking. The next two are with the light dialed down. The last 2 are showing you how different layers of focus and you can fine adjust once your lighting is sufficient and clear. Even sometimes I like to make it blurry even... the different types of trichs and cloudiness change with the light and focus! Also, don't forget that the pics you want are on the calyx, where the hairs come out, bc the sugar leaves trichs turn way before the actual buds (calyx) ripen. And the smaller trichs, capital sessile they are called, are not the ones you want to focus on. The capitate stalk, the larger ones with the head, are the ones containing The most thc and cannabinoids so don't get too crazy if you see the smaller trichs ambered! Look up the 3 diff kinds of trichs. I'd put a link but there ARE so many!
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