What kind of support are you using for your UC?

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@Alice D , @tweedy

Hey guys... Sorry, I've been extra busy lately. Here's what I pulled off each setup:

Gavitas: I had 4 in one room over (2) 4x8 flood and drain tables, and I pulled almost 11 lbs that run. It was a tad bit over 10.75 lbs.....

Here's a look at the new crop. One table is Skywalker OG, and the other table is way overgrown.... Louis OG

View attachment 388555 View attachment 388556

E-Papillions: I had 12 in one room over (72) 7 gal Geopots with 70/30 ratio of coco and grow stone super soil aerators. I pulled almost 35 lbs off that room.

Here's a look at the new crop....

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Sun System ACDE hoods: I just pulled them down, and the dry trim should be done by the end of the day.... I had 4 in one room over 2 UCEvo18s, and one bucket was empty due to a clumsy mishap. The side with only 17 plants pulled 5 lbs of OG, and the other side was full of Platinum Bubba. I haven't gotten a full tally on the bubba yet, but I'm expecting at least 5, probably 6 or better though. That strain has been the biggest yielder of anything I've ran yet.

Here are some shots from that crop....

View attachment 388557 View attachment 388559 View attachment 388565

In my experience, double ended bulbs make all the difference in the world. Before I started using them, I was hitting around 2 lbs per light. I haven't really seen a difference in yields between each setup, they've been equally great across the board. The only thing I will say is that the Papillions are a real bitch on the eyes while I'm working in that room. Also, there's an Agrotech Magnum double ended reflector that I haven't used yet, but it looks awesome, so I'm gonna give that a go on my next run.[/QUOTE

Thank you for all the good info. Your