Calcium Deficiency and how to fix it?

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Hi folks!

1st time grower and so far its been going good. its a small grow, one plant with the following specifications: FFOF (soil) in 2 gallon fabric pot, pH purified water (6.5) and only Seaweed Extract when watering (every 4th day). My FFOF is amended with additional perlite and nothing else. No additional nutrients have been given to the plant.

Most everything has been on point and the plant is doing good but today, my first issue has shown up. I have attached some pictures documenting it. My basic internet search says its calcium/magnesium deficiency but since this is my 1st grow, i would greatly appreciate another set of eyes.

So what do you folks think? CalMag addition necessary or something more sinister?

Thanks for checking this thread :)
Calcium deficiency and how to fix it
Calcium deficiency and how to fix it 2
Calcium deficiency and how to fix it 3
Calcium deficiency and how to fix it 4


To me it looks like possible necrosis of the leaves from over watering. Are you letting it dry in between watering? It's definitely in need of some food, but I'd avoid miracle gro, it's not formulated for cannabis.


Anything. Even miracle grow. It's starving.
you don't use miracle grow, you either have the light too close or nutes, the only way to know for sure is to raise the grow lights a bit to see if the others start developing the same problem, I ran into the exact same issue with 1 of my plants, I raised the lights & it cured it, In forums in pictures it's guesswork, other than that trial & error, TSD is right even though I have used the soil back a long time ago without nutrients, things have changed since then especially the plants, can't grow very tall, & don't look anything like they did back then

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