CalMag burn on sour diesel Autoflowers?

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Hello all, I have a sour diesel auto from ilgm sitting in a 5 gal plastic pot with coco loco. The plant is 4 weeks old and just entered flowering a couple days ago. The plant has done really well in coco loco. I haven't added anything until recently because I heard calmag is a must with LEDs and I had a couple rust spots that since healed. The plants' leafs have been dark green this entire time. The problem I'm seeing, I believe, is from the nitrogen in calmag npk 2-0-0. I did a full dose of 5ml per gallon, even through I've heard many times to never do the full amount on the label but, I'm hard headed and have to learn the hard way. Anyways do you guys think this is nitrogen burn from calmag? It's the only thing added to my coco loco medium except ph water, recharge and great white. Before coming to this conclusion I was thinking light burn. I had my sf1000 at 18in and 90%. I kept raising the light as the plant grow and never had any issues with light burn. I turned the light intensity back down to 80% and increased light height to 20in. I noticed today that not only is the very top new growth being effected the next node down with
new growth is experiencing this as well. Sorry for the long post.


My guess is nute burn.

Magnesium burn you'll see white tips. (
White tips .jpg
Leaves marked red
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