Can 3 Pounds Per Light Be Achieved? Better Back It Up With Proof, Talk Is Cheap!

Can 3 pounds per light be achieved? Better back it up with proof, talk is cheap!

  • Yes for sure, I did it and here is proof!

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  • I did it but have no proof!

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This is not directed at anyone!
3 pounds per light is not realistic is it?
Please post pics if you can.
This thread was started because of me.

Yes 2 to 3 lbs per light is possible and is done. I will not be posting pics here because of a previous incident with an old account of mine here. However Im sure if you dig thru the threads on this site alone will you regularly see two to three lbs a light. Esp tree farmers.

Im really restraining myself from letting you know how naive you really are.
This thread was started because of our conversation, you are correct.
It is not intended to be personal in any way.
This sort of thing just seems like more Internet talk.
I do appreciate your response as I feel you are confident in what you are saying.
And you owe me nothing, so thanks for that.
I have talked with many big time growers, people who grow cannabis as a hobby.
Their statements all suggest 3 pounds per light is just not possible, these are people how have run commercial grows for 10 years or more.
They grow other crops 9-5 but cannabis as a hobby.
The 1 grower i referred to uses Bonzi on sativa, and he states no way on a yield like that.
Those that can grow 3 pounds on 1 light are certainly not the norm.

Anyone care to share there methods for 3 pounds per light?, I would be willing to give it a try to see for myself it is possible.
Consider this a formal challenge! as simply showing pic's of huge grow rooms pretending only 1 light is used is simply insulting my intelligence. (I am not that smart)

Come on guys, lets get real, or it is all just a fictitious show, with smoke and mirrors.
Let be scientific or this is just school yard chatter....Right!
I can claim 10 pounds on a single LED diode, but without proof or a sound method it means ZERO!

you stated:
I am really restraining myself from letting you know how naive you really are.
Just Pm me with your methods and I should be able to recreate it and achieve your yield.
It would be just that simple... right.....everybody can see yield like this.
But they are not why.......they don't know what you know.
If you would be so kind to share, we would put this to bed for good and end this seeming never ending debate for good.
Or is this you own personal magic bullet?
You guys are cute with your lil tents or.whatever. its not that easy showing someone what to do. Many things are by feel. The strain i believe could reach those numbers is a high yielder. again tho i never claimed 3 but i do think i believe i can IF i used a 1000w with 4x4 but i use 600 w with 3x3 trays.
Last months potm winner,@Drdre and his lil forest makes me think 3 per light is seems if you had 9 plants per lamp and found a strain that could yield 5.33 oz per plant ave you would be there :) doesnt seem so far fetched when you think like that.its hard to feel bud density through pics on the net lmao.
I don't think tk has hit 3 most I think he posted was 2.5 -2.75lb . My goal is 2.5 constant
Yes^^^and I think his highest number came from a 4x4 under a dual bulb hood..I think a 6 with 4 iirc.

Most i ever hit was 2lb 5 oz with around 5 more ounces of larf..with a pre2k blueberry sativa in 9 weeks. Looking back I should have kept that strain. It was under a 1k parabolic, 5x5, (9) 5gallons, untrained, no c02. Most often I hit around 25-30 oz a dirt..eye horti in air cooled hoods.
@ all that claim 3 pound per light:

May I ask what bulbs you use to get these yields please....this is very important to this thread.

I will elaborate as soon as the huge yielder post their bulb brand and K value.
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