Can I Get Fired From A Job

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I'm going to speak English again bc, while it's fun to speak Portugues, we are leaving some people out. Let's falar ; ) privately!

It seems like a ton of people here now are from MA? I know Tnelz is in MA too.

We should arrange a summer shindig! I would volunteer to do it, but, I am too sick to take on that type of responsibility. But if someone else organized something, I would be there with some product to burn!

Actually, it doesn't even have to be MA exclusively, I know a couple peeps here are from RI, CT, and VT. We could have our own private Cannabis Cup type event (If someone has a space big enough for that many people to be toking). I know others who do not post on forums from MA who would probably come. Real deal type growers.

If someone could figure that would be "tão legal" (wicked cool). I didn't know there were so many of us here.
That's a great idea,count me in it...
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