Can someone please help with this deficiency

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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is there’s more than a few ways to grow in coco lol. I definitely feed stronger but not as much as I used to when starting out with coco/perlite. I don’t see any issue with the op’s runoff ec or it rising a bit, still very low imo. I think the flushing just made things worse, been there done that lol. Hard to know how much dryback he was getting, I can’t imagine much if he was feeding during lights off. The op will have to try different things and see what works for his situation.
True but he was feeding i think 3 times a day? Run off EC imo should be within 20% of input at most or the chabge in nutrient concentration can cause some larger ph swings.

those big plants in small pots need more feeding ime. I did 1 gal coco and was feeding 14x a day at 250ml per event and 10% runoff. They would dry to wilt in 4 hrs past missing an event. Pot size is a huge factor though


Hey man, so I will offer my opinions here. Those pictures combined with what your feeding, those plants are starving. You have multiple deficiencies going on due to lack of nutrients. The light green and almost yellow leaves are a dead giveaway. Your barely feeding full grown plants what I feed my freshly planted clones. If your tap is .5ec and your feeding 1 ec your only suppling .5 ec of nutrition. Your going to significantly reduce your crop yield if you continue flowering with such low amounts of feed. The reason you didn’t see any improvement in the look of the plants is you started flushing and removing even more nutrients from the medium. If you had fed a stronger feed instead you would see a huge improvement in the appearance within 24hrs. Also there’s no need to be feeding in the dark cycle unless they are drying out completely. And I grew in coco petite mix for 7 years but now in straight coco for the last 5.
Appreciate your feedback mate, I've now upped the flood cycles and I'm feeding at 1.2ec, I feel like this is the max they can take at the moment because I'm watching the EC really carefully and everytime I flood with 1.2 it stays very stable but anything past 1.2ec then the nutes keep returning with the ec going up, so I'm sure 1.2 is the sweet spot for now. As soon as I do notice the ec returning lower then I will gradually up the ec. Does that sound right in the way I'm thinking?
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