Cannabis Reflectance and Remote Sensing

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I grew my share of large guerilla grows. Some stealthy, some not so much. Corn is always fun because the farmer spends tens of thousands making sure there's enough food for corn, and weed loves it. But it's either a silage field, where the farmer pulls it off early for the silo, or it's very visible from the air. A seed crop field is perfect, but again, very visible to aircraft, choppers, and lately, everyone and his brother has a drone.

I always wanted to plant in a soybean field because from a remote sensing perspective, Soy has the same reflectance as weed (until very late). There's another problem though. Soybean only grows a couple feet high.

The latest I've ever put plants out is in mid July. They don't get huge, but I always at least get some. And with a quick pruning, the buds I don't pull off grow to a nice size. I put out my late starts last week, and now I'm bored, so it's time to keep playing. Last night I put about 200 fem seeds in a water/H2O2 soak. It was raining cats and dogs all day so tonight they're going out. I'm putting them in a soy field. They should germinate in a day or two. Soy produces its own Nitrogen, so they'll have food. This should give them about 3 weeks to grow before they start stretching and flowering. I'll keep an eye on them and if they stretch much past the soy, I'll give them a hair cut. Having a bunch of munchkins should be fun.

I'll post pics as I take them.

Cannabis reflectance and remote sensing

(I should have started this soon after the farmers sprayed for weeds but... I'll do that next spring.)


Never trust a doctor who's plants have died.
Consider some of the alternatives at your disposal.

For instance. EMA & Frankenstein here has excellent bulk and yield potential, with not of the headaches you describe. They can be incubated indoors until transplant, then simply put into any environment, and allowed to flower. Upon demand on a pre-determined schedule.

You can stick them under a street light for that matter, or grow them in the middle of a city. There going to flower on a timeline schedule, (50-75 days of flowering depending on cultivar) not by seasonal conditions, so you harvest long before those pesky po-po creep around your corn or soybean field. Also, they stay about the exact same size as a soybean plant, maybe a bit lower even. Good potency and flavor, auto flowering varieties have come a long way in a few short years. These crosses I've been doing seem to get better and better with each generation.

With feminized seed it's certainly something to consider. Especially if flowering time is a concern. ie. security or dodging wet/cold weather. They can be timed with the Summer solstice, and humidity, average monthly day temps in mind....
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When I lived in Iowa, long enough ago that the statute of limitations has been up for decades, I would try and mimic ditch weed — along fence lines, the edge of fields, weedy field corners, etc.

I'd also scout the area repeatedly, to kill as much ditch weed as possible. Occasionally, that was even successful, and I got no reefer/hemp crosses.
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