Caterpillars,bud rot, and defoliating

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This is a few questions all thrown into one post but I figured it's better than posting multiple threads, So I'm about 4-5 weeks into flower on most of my outdoor plants, and I have found a few caterpillars in them. One plant in had some adults and did quite a bit of damage to the buds so I removed the buds. Other ones I've found were small and didn't do much damage yet, I picked out the small parts that looked dead. I then sprayed with BT and the following day I sprayed with lost coast plant therapy..I've been continuing this for the past couple weeks (Once a week) and have not seen any "webbing" or what looks like mold. dead bud from the caterpillars eating the same thing as bud rot?
2. Will the lost coast help prevent further damage from the caterpillars?
3. Should I wash my buds after I harvest to get rid of caterpillar poop and whatnot?

Now my other question pertains to defoliation which I know is a controversial topic. Right before flower I did some defoliating of all the inner leaves, and branches that weren't going to produce anything. I've heard/read that around weeks 3-4 of flower you should defoliate all the large fan leaves, but I know this is controversial as plants get all their energy from the leaves and not so much the buds. Also this is usually more talked about with indoor grows, im assuming this is because the lights don't move and artificial light probably doesn't penetrate the canopy as well as natural light.
What are your guys' opinions on this?


I too have mixed opinions on defoliation during bud growth. Many outdoor growers do it and I have too but when I look at a pic of one of my guerilla (not gorilla as I’ve seen way too many times) grows with virtually no defoliation and minimal nutrients over the summer, I begin to think “leave the freaking leaves on the plant”. They create energy that drives the bud growth. Most growers defoliate more for airflow to minimize PM. I’m not totally sold on it though.
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You should really buy Medical Growers Bible by Jorge Cervantes
It's a game changer and will definitively answer ALLur questions and then some.
It has great tips and tricks to harvesting/ defoliation. Yes you do want to do it but you should be doing it in the correct fashion.
Keep in mind the leaves (all of them) are little solar panels.
If you had solar panels on ur home, would you take them dwn rite before a monster storm hits? Removal of a few of the fan leaves that cast shadows would be ideal.
Now the book (if I remember correctly)
Says you can strip ALL the leaves off 24-48 hrs before harvest and it should add a lil plumpness considering the buds and the little leaves will still photosynthesize (this will also hlp w dry time)
Also flushing the shit outta ur plants ( feeding small amounts of water to maintain life) letting ur pot get as dry as possible before chopping will hlp expedite your drying process. Dnt get me wrong it's not to be rushed. But any lil bit hlps
Get the book buddy, u will not regret it
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