Hi all im from the uk and im nearing harvest of my ak47 super cbd plant.
I want to make an oil out of it but have never done it before and wanted to know if it can be done using fresh material which has just been harvested without it being dried and cured.
I have tried drying before twice and it got mould both times so this is my last attempt before i give up.
Any help is greatly appreciated
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First of all don’t give up. Here's a thread I found you might be interested in reading: https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/wet-material-for-oil.18063/

Now as far as drying and curing goes don't get discouraged. What I do is dry the buds (in a dry room/area with low RH) until the outside is crispy and then put them in jars. Close the lid and give it a few hours (or a day) and then open the jars for a couple hours and let them dry out. Rinse and repeat this process until they are to the desired dryness & cure. If you don't have a dry area to make them dry you can use a wet extraction method as discussed in that article above, however it might yield a little less, but its better than nothing. We will do what we can to help so don't be afraid to ask for help.
Growing CBD plant for oil is cool, but why don't you just simply buy CBD oil from the market? There are so many brands available with the best quality. Making home-grown CBD oil is good but CBD oil which is available in the market are far better in quality.