Those who make their own carts, please post.

Thanks Buzzer for the tons of information and insight you have given me over the last week.

Who else uses Shatter Batter to
Mix and what are your thoughts?

Other no PG flavored mixes people have used?

Best place for CCell empty 1ml carts? eBay I know, but is that the best place?

People who mix rosin for cart use, what’s your favorite cart to use, that provides good hits, durrible and doesn’t leak?


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CCELL brand works the best in my limited experience. Do not get the counterfeit CCELL carts. Make sure they have the logo engraved on them. eBay is good and much cheaper than locally.

Our smoke shop downtown charges $10 per cart. You can find the real ones on eBay for about $5-6/cart.

I’ve had good luck mixing straight PG and rosin. Great hits and two drags will give you a nice buzz. Compared to about a half dozen or more hits off my herbal vaporizer (mighty by storz and bickel).

I use roughly a 1:1 mixture of pg and rosin and haven’t had any seperation issues. You can use more rosin if you’d like. The more the smoother the hit. Just don’t use too much or else it won’t suck correctly and you’ll get dry hits.