Check Out This Canadian Gov Weed Folks

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So I’ve consistently seen trash for ‘legal weed’ here in Canada. Absolute seeded garbage a ‘filthy drug dealer’ wouldn’t even distribute. Buddy just bought what he thought was the best he could get from local store where he’s at. Dry crumble shit, tons of seeds, not properly cured.. I can see fan leaves in there for shits sakes. Twice the price of what a guy with a small tent would charge you for actual, healthy, smokable cannabis.

Then next photo is my soft yet firm non seeded cannabis that I have to either give away or smoke it all for myself. Can’t step on the toes of companies that important folks have invested in right?
Check out this canadian gov weed folks
Check out this canadian gov weed folks 2


Are you talking about the black market dispensaries or the legal LP dispensaries?
Lol, I know people in the legal LP business, and boy could I tell you some horror stories.

1, If you're buying LP weed, buy from Broken Coast if you can. They are at least experienced growers who started as very successful MMAR producers nearly 20 years ago and they have good genetics. That said, for volume production they now grow hydro, and some of the time, it doesnt burn properly... but it's usually fine. There is a really good video about them you can watch here and see where the stash comes from. I bet you will be surprised.

2, never buy LP weed if you have another option.

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