Cleaning Out My Male Growth Room

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Grow Room Clean:
My growth room that I have dedicated here at work for males is an absolute pollen infested nightmare at the moment. I plan on wiping all my bulbs/fixtures down with alcohol before taking them out of the room. Also any other things in there: fans, vacuum, stepstool etc;. Next I will take my watering wand and spray the entire room down with water, possibly letting it dry a bit and spraying it again to ensure the pollen is off most surfaces and on the floor. I will then spray the entire room and floor with alcohol. I will also wipe the surfaces for aesthetics sake. The canfan in there will have its pre filter cleaned, I would run it outside but it is -30 C here. I also contemplated turning the temperature up in the room to 35-40 C but I find that high temps like that at any extended period of time cause the different materials in the growth rooms to release VOC's, has been a problem for canola in the past. The high heat would've been a good insurance against any pollen missed in the spraydown, just to ensure that it is not viable.

I have seen some very lax attitudes towards pollen in some forum responses ie; dont worry in a few days it wont be viable, water will kill it etc;. I know this isn't true and typically Murphys Law is in extreme effect when breeding. I have made crosses with 10day old pollen that was "stored" in a pretty basic manor. Especially because this is a professional operation, I want to ensure that cross contamination is at an absolute minimum. For my peace of mind as well as my customers.

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for better practices or anything I've missed.
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