Co2 question /perpetual scroggin could use some help

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So here’s my question . I have been running my room for about 2 years now . 12x24 room . I have been doing perpetual screens now and like that method best . I have recently purchased a new co2 set up for this room and the atlas 2 .. so (it stays right around 1500ppm)
my question is here I understand the want to be able to drop co2 last couple weeks of flower . I won’t have that ability so as long as I drop N significantly and hammer them with PK the last two weeks should I be able to keep doing things as planned Or do I NEED to do just run the whole room at ones . Will the negative effects of gas the last two weeks be that significant?
Fwiw it is MUCH. Easier for me to pull and trim a couple bows every 2 weeks than it is for me to find the time to do the whole room when it finishes . Been there hate that really would prefer not going back to that
Thanks guys
Poor dirt
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