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I have been growing for a while and I have never had much problems, but COCO COOORRRR BLINDME. Used soil b4 no probs dwc ,nft no probs
I was giving light dosage of canna coco until 2 weeks ago a problem appeared that looked like Sulphur aDeficiency. So now on the full recommended dose .
Week and a day later showing little sign of improvement but I am wondering 2 things.

Advance nutrients to try get them looking healthier
Considering a swap to dwc, if this is possible?
Or time to cull an restart? if th ebuds and yield would suffer to much from this too much?
Let me know what you think


250w hps
1.5m sq

If you see my dwc of these it’s a joke LOL


Living dead girl
Are you letting the coir dry out completely? It looks awfully dry and I think I can see salt build-up. If you're letting it dry out, STOP IT. Keep it moist.

There is nothing special about AN nutrients except the price.


I would say that it looks like you are using 100% coco. What brand of coco? I usually mix 30-50% perlite in the mix. That helps big time in the wet to dry cycle. Otherwise, small, stunted, over watered plants. Especially when they are smaller. Use the Canna coco nutes, they're good. Don't go too light, the formulas they have are correct. Water to good runoff, then make sure that they dry mostly before watering again. I also seriously doubt that you have a salt buildup that quickly.



It's not too much salt. It's too little. Try hitting them with epsom salt- magesium sulfate. Coco is flushed of it's salt content. You need to replace it. Good luck!


Like everyone else has asked what kind of coco. They need more food, what ph.?I doubt that has anything todo with it though. When you transplanted how much water did you give them? How long did it take for them to need more water? I'd figure probably like lose to a week or so with that many plants under a 250.

A few things to remember about coco is the cheaper the coco the more likely you are to have to wash it first, another is that there should not be more then 1 or 2 light feedings also when you transplant small plants into bigger pots either water very little at first or start feeding heavy right out the gate other wise your plants will get deficient quick.


Yep got put those babies on a drip, coco's crazy like that, got hit them way more often.


Looks like ph lockout to me, have you checked you checked/calibrated your meter.

Coco is the simplest medium, make sure it doesn't completely dry out and keep your ph in check, the plants will test you the rest.
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