Coffee shops any organic ones??

was wondering which coffeeshops would be using organic cannabis? any? a friend of mine was down there and said alot of the weed wasn't flushed to his standards. Nothing worse then grabbing some killer that burns black, keeps going out, and leaves your tongue all chemmed up! i dont care if it won the cannabis cup it's gotta burn white and clean!


I hear you buddy. Amsterdam is frustrating sometimes...

I remember Club Media being an all organic coffee shop, but I think everything was pre weighed. From what I remember.

GA is usually stocked with some good headies though.
sorry for my newbness what is GA are u referring to grey area? thanks for your help the guy at these coffee shops need to flush their product! but i know it's all about the buck. ohwell i will be smoking some fine upnorth purple kush, og kush and bc kush mmmm burns white and clean:afroweed:
homegrownfantasy had all organics last time i was there and good quality it was as well. a few shops will have the info listed on thier menu like hunters and dampkring. look for the B.I or B.S next to the strain means bio indica or bio sativa