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Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel = Krazy Glue or Over Board

H.A OGK x ECSD = Heavens Disciple or Big Time Diesel

Snowdog x ECSD = Iceberg Diesel or Sour Iceberg

Chemdog Sister x ECSD = Sweet Tarts or Sour Sluts or Dawgs Finest Diesel

Chemdog #4 x ECSD = 4th Down or Dawgs Finest #4

Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD = Big Time Diesel

Amnesia Haze x ECSD = Sweet n Sour or Sour Goodness

UK Cheese x ECSD = Cheezy Bread or UK Diesel

LBZ Farmer


Northern Californians will get "Hella," and Australia too... Only other place I have heard someone use it in a sentence. ha ha


Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel = Collision Course

H.A OGK x ECSD = Zero Tolerance or Mothers Finest

Snowdog x ECSD = Below Freezing or Below Zero

Chemdog Sister x ECSD = Sour Science

Chemdog #4 x ECSD = Sour Science #4

Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD = Classic Diesel or Classy Kush

Amnesia Haze x ECSD = Sour Magestic Haze

UK Cheese x ECSD = Cheese Head
sticky icky

sticky icky

HA.Ogk--Ecsd-(Wiseguy)(Hitman)(Carnage)(Capone)(Terminator)(Sour Madness)(East Coast Madness)(Scarface)(Crippler)(East Coast Crippler)(Crypt Keeper)(Predator)(Ghostrider)(East coast carnage)(Looney Toon)(Lionheart)(Purebread)(Samurai kush)---UK Cheese--ECSD-(RANCID)(Nitrous)(Dirty Rat)(Rat-fink)(Toxic)(Toxic Deisel)(Biohazard)--Katsu bubba--Ecsd-(Flamethrower)(Samurai Kush)(Shrapnel)-with or without og,diesel or kush on the ends of each lol...


strain names

Okay, I put some thought into it and came up with a bunch of names... sorry if it's too many. Ideas just kept coming...

Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel: Cannonball Express, Cannonball Special, CJ382, Cannonball, Casey's Last Ballad

*I think Cannonball Express is the best choice, because it ties in with the Casey Jones train wreck story perfectly, and the word Express being there also reminds of the Oriental Express genetics in Casey Jones [(Oriental Express X Trainwreck) X Sour D]

About the story, Casey Jones was a man who died in one of the most famous train wrecks in history, and Cannonball Express was the name of the train he wrecked. From Wikipedia, "John Luther ("Casey") Jones (March 14, 1863 – April 30, 1900)[1] was an American railroad engineer from Jackson, Tennessee, who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad (IC). As a boy, he lived near Cayce, Kentucky, where he acquired the nickname of "Cayce" which he chose to spell as "Casey." [1] ["Erie Railroad Magazine" Vol 24 (April 1928), No 2, pp. 13,44.] On April 30, 1900, he alone was killed when his passenger train, the "Cannonball Express," collided with a stalled freight train at Vaughan, Mississippi, on a foggy and rainy night."

*Or maybe Cannonball Special if you like that any better. It was another nickname for his train, I think... or maybe just something to do with the fast schedules of the cannonball trains in general... It's mentioned in the song that was written about CJ called The Ballad of Casey Jones. See here:

*Or something to do with the number 382, like CJ382 or Casey's 382. This was the official name of the Cannonball Express.

*If you don't like those, maybe just the word Cannonball, as that was the general/slang term for the fastest trains back then, so it still relates to the Casey Jones story, and it still hints at how powerful/energetic/racey the strain should be considering racey sativa highs of the parents.

*Or maybe Casey's Last Ballad (relating to Casey Jones and the song written about him)

H.A OGK x ECSD: Hellfire Kush, Hellfire, Hell's Angels' Diesel Deluxe, The Devil's Diesel, Satan's Sour, Biker Bud, Biker's Bomb

Snowdog x ECSD: Snowblind, Whiteout, Sour Snow Chem, Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Snow, Nuclear Fallout

*These should be super crystally, so I think Snowblind is a really cool and fitting name.

*The idea behind Nuclear Winter is also pretty cool.

Chemdog Sister x ECSD: Sour Princess, Pineapple Princess, Femme Fatale, Sister Serenity, Lady Divinity, The Divine Sister, Lady Sour, Sour Sis

Chemdog #4 x ECSD: Napalm, Chem Catalyst, ChemBurn, Rocket Fuel, Meltdown, Shock 'n' Awe, Sour Double Diesel

Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD: Sour Katsu Kush, Sour Coffee Kush, Coffee Fuel, Galactic Bubba, Space Bubba, Quantum Kush

Amnesia Haze x ECSD: Sammy Jankis, Leonard Shelby, A.A. Haze (Anterograde Amnesia Haze), Memento Haze, Blackhole Haze, Rocket Fuel Haze, High Octane Haze

*I think relating it to the film Memento is a cool idea, because it was an awesome movie about anterograde amnesia and was actually titled Amnesia in some countries. Leonard Shelby is the main character of the movie, and Sammy Jankis is a character in the movie who is talked about a lot. Leonard had a tattoo on him that said "Remember Sammy Jankis." The movie plays out of order (scenes backward to forward slowly revealing the story, mixed with black and white scenes in order) and is kinda trippy and very cool.

UK Cheese x ECSD: Sour Cream Skunk, Sour Cream 'n' Diesel, UK Sour Cream, Cheesey Deez, Tropical Cheese

*Sour Cream Skunk is kinda cool, because both Cheese and Sour D contain Skunk genetics.


H.A. OGK x ECSD; OMG diesel (omg is the ATF abbreviation for outlaw motorcycle gang)


Thought of some more options... some are better than my first ideas...

Snowdog x ECSD: Deep Freeze Diesel, Deep Freeze Dank, Freezel (Freeze + Diesel), Frostbite, Arctic Diesel, Chem Crush, Bio-Blizzard

Chemdog Sister x ECSD: Sister Wildfire, Lady Wildfire, Wildfire, The Blonde Bombshell, Marla Singer
(the Fight Club character)

Chemdog #4 x ECSD: Chemical Warfare, Double Dip Diesel

*I think Chemical Warfare is catchy, and obviously sounds very potent

UK Cheese x ECSD: Sour Cream 'n' Funk, Sour Cream Skunk Funk, Sour Skunk Funk, Electric Funk, The Funk, Space Funk, Hyper-Funk

Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD: Tropic Thunder, Volcanic Kush

*I still like Sour Coffee Kush, and Quantum Kush, but Tropic Thunder is catchy and fits well

Amnesia Haze x ECSD: High Octane Headrush, Headrush Haze, Ambrosia Haze, Hyperspace Haze

*Ambrosia Haze seems cool to me. Ambrosia was "the food of the gods" in ancient Greece. So, it relates well with the Divine Genetics name.


Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel = FACE OFF




Chemdog #4 x ECSD = TRIO #4

Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD = BUBBA SUPREME

Amnesia Haze x ECSD = RAINBOW HAZE



After the great success of first naming contest i thought its time for another. :evilgrin0040:

The winner will get 2 free packs :harvest:

Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel
Snowdog x ECSD
Chemdog Sister x ECSD
Chemdog #4 x ECSD
Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD
Amnesia Haze x ECSD
UK Cheese x ECSD

This contest will close in 7days from now... and the beans will be ready to drop in around 10days or so :cake

ha og x ecsd... panhead diesel, screaming eagle diesel, big block kush
Snowdog x ecsd.. siberian storm, arctic fire
Chemdog #4 x ecsd... reunion diesel,
uk cheese x ecsd... g.o.a.t cheese.. (greatest of all times),


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Casey Jones x ECSD = Sour Jones or Jonesy
H.A OG Kush x ECSD = Hells Diesel or Angels O'Diesel or Sour Angels
Snowdog x ECSD = Sour Snow or Snow Plow
Chemdog's Sister x ECSD = Sour Bitch
Chemdog #4 x ECSD = State of the Union
Bubba Kush Katsu x ECSD = Sour Espresso
UK Cheese x ECSD = Cultured Diesel or Sour Curds

Thanks Logic, can't wait this drop is going to be sick.


sweet names! Chemdog Sister x ECSD should be called the perv lmao!!! :P ppl should look back at other's posts and give logic a break on sorting out names... it only takes a few minutes stop slackin!
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