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Not Really a DIY...

But I found a great Temp/RH%/Res Temp monitoring/alerting product.

I am using several of these sensors tied to a single gateway that sends me email alerts and does data logging (online) of environmentals.

They are made by Lacrosse Technology.

I bought a 'kit', plus additional sensors to cover several rooms, added one to my chiller reservoir (to know if my chiller/pump failed) and also an 'outside' sensor to help me correlate room temps with outside factors, since I am currently not utilizing a sealed room, outside temps/humidity do affect my rooms.

The kits can be found online fairly cheaply (not from Lacrosse Tech directly) and the sensors are on par with the thermo/hygro meters from Hydro stores.

TX-50 sensors don't have probes, TX-60's have remote probes for your res(if needed).

Sensor (with wet probe):




They operate on 900Mhz and have no problem communicating between several walls to the gateway or around ballasts (digital and mag).

Once your gateway is registered with, you can login and download the past 30 days of data points from each of the sensors. I pull it down and import into Excel or Google Docs to chart it out for visual representation.

When you buy the kit and register the gateway, you get 1yr of alerting for free. After that its like 9$ for 3 additional years .

I have found that the TEXT alerting does not seem to work, but emails are just fine.

It's pretty cheap insurance for environmental control failure notification if you are not able to babysit your grow 24/7.

They also have a 'mobile interface' which I have bookmarked on my phones to take a 'quick' peek, as necessary.


Mobile interface

R1 tempchart
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