Cow peas as a trap crop for aphids

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This is my first time working with a cover crop. I raided my garden seed stash and planted some cow peas and a few other things in the 7 gallon pots I'm growing in.

I noticed one of the cow peas was looking weird, so I went in for a closer look, and the cow pea plant was completely covered in mature aphids. The infested cow pea was pulled immediately, and I grabbed my scissors to do a defol and see how bad it was. I'm sure I missed some, but there was no trace of aphids or aphid damage on the cannabis.

Everything got a heavy spray of Zymes, and I'm going to spray every 3 days for a week or two just in case, because I had to have missed some.

The intent for the cow peas was to keep the medium shaded, but they seemed to function more as a trap for aphids.

Curious if anyone is utilizing trap crops indoors or out.

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