curing nug the right way?

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Nice! Ethanol is easy enough to make.
I made some a couple years ago in case an apocalypses happens and I need fuel for my generator. lol
I want to check out this Liquid Piston engine puts out 30hp weighs less than 50lbs I think runs on diesel. Check it out

I think I see your point tho of patience yes this is a first grow and I have an inquisitive mind I see what you were saying now at wk 5 if I didnt clear out as many fan leaves and went strait to gallon pots from seedling my plants would be stretchdx more. We learn as we go.
I was trying to put more energy to growths too soon we learn as we go right.


people all learn differently and at different paces... but when you goof, you learn! i know my mistakes and bad dicisions are all at least new! i usually dont do them a second time! sometimes when i read or see things it doesnt make the impact doing it with my own hands makes on my memory!


I live in the desert and it’s almost impossible to properly dry and cure without some added humidity. I close up my garage (it’s insulated) and run a swamp cooler on high. At most I just crack the window. Brings my humidity from 10% to 50%. Slows the drying drastically and allows chlorophyll to break down. Other wise it’s faster than dsireable and the buds are crispy in four days. No flavor or need for cure when your doobage is cracker dry in 72 hours. You’ve got flavorless harsh bud that sux. Took me a min to realize that all my previous grows were in buildings/ warehouses with swamp coolers. This new place is better insulated and uses AC to cool. Not good for growing and not even remotely good for drying. Bought a mobile swamper off CL and things are sahweet!
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