Dark Horse

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, both of the girls I got from half a pack threw male preflowers all over at about week 2 of flowering. Not a single nanner in the buds themselves. To me that's worse than mid-flower clusters/herms, IMO the buds don't develop properly/much at all if the first sets of pistils get pollinated so early on... they got chopped before the preflowers could open, couldn't risk them pollinating the other girls. Really a shame to, excellent vigor and superior early-trichome production on those girls. Pretty heart broken @FishGutz19 lol those terps sound SO nice!!
These were pampered with zero issues in a new location, no source of light leaks (tent in a dark room with no light source), and the outdoor IBL's that have never seen artificial lights did perfectly fine (compared to previous grows where those same outdoor ibl's are the first to hermi indoors) EDIT: To clarify, the gamma's were grown next to multiple stains from multiple breeders (including those outdoor ibl's) and the GB were the only to show intersex traits.

I posted on the darkhorse forum too but its dead over there, I doubt he will get back to me though he did previously offer to send some better seeds if the gamma berry herm'd.
Damn bro. I'm sorry to hear that. Guess what tho? I still have 6 seeds left, i just sprouted 2 out of that six, so I might run into that same issue on the other seeds. I'm so sorry you found garbage. And i feel for you trying to get a response from DH, I've tried many times to get a response and i couldn't get crap. But I feel for you dude. We dont buy a pack seeds just to find a bunch of shit. We want results.
UPDATE: I wrote to Dark Horse. They said they’ve received complaints of the issue and that it’s consistent with anything tied to their strawberry diesel father plant used to create Bruce Banner.

Then they offered to replace my seeds with a different, stable strain.

Considering some of the breeders/seed banks I’ve dealt with over the years this is pretty GD awesome.
They sent a breeders pack of Roid Rage. Popped three and they’re all doing well.