Dbl Sour D, Blue Dream, & Lemon Skunk... Oh My!

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First two pics are a Blue Dream that is very near ready to be chopped.

Next is another Blue Dream, not as far along.

Next pic is the CBD strain I was given close to a year ago now I guess. Still can’t remember the name

Next is a small Lemon Skunk I pollinated today. I still have plenty of pollen left. I’m thinking about making some Blue Lemon seeds? See how that works out?

Next... Uh Oh... Mango!

Next is a new winter hardy strain I’m testing.
Look at all the crystals

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. If you’re not, you probably need more dope ✌
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What are you running for a light? Get it a little closer. Fatten up those bottom buds. But those are getting nice and frosty. Good stuff!

I recently upgraded from kerosene to electrikity a short ago lol

I've got a mix of pretty much everything. Flouro, HID, & LED.
I move'em, use'em, & abuse'em as need. Option #3 is never intentional. But it happens :(

Not too concerned with lower bud normally, it's oil good ;)

I'm just glad I was able to do just enough to keep everything rolling after having surgery. I really thought it was all gonna go to shit personally.

I know my doctor would not have been happy with me. But if you expect me to sit / lay around for more than a few days, you had better be prepared to restrain me. And you will meet resistance when you try ;)

It was a rough grow cycle to say the least. I'm getting back on track though.


OH yeah DD, IMO, curing is more important than nearly anything else. I say that because you can grow the dankest smoke in town. But if you don't cure proper, it's practically compost.

I have a 3 prong requirement for all strains I grow.
1. Smell. If it smells like crap when you crack the bag. That right there is enough for me to pass on it. It has to smell like an expensive french whore, not a cheap one ;)

2. Taste. Pretty much the same as above. Just replace smell with taste.

3. Unless is Sativa dom, it's gotta have a hammer.

If it's missing one of those 3 things, I don't grow it again. So basically, I'm in it for quality. Not quantity, but I do strive to get quantity as well. As long as it doesn't take away from the quality ;)

I guess it goes without saying, I'm a picky person :)


Something that just popped into my head...

Does anyone know if I can harvest pollen before the sacs blow out. Or if there's a few already popping, the rest are mature enough to harvest?

It would make pollen harvesting a lot easier and eliminate problems with errant pollen.

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