Dealers weed I need your Opinion

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Some folks seem to have a strange idea of what good weed is.

i was given this I told them to take it away 3x I looked at it not under the scope & said it was crap they left it & I was stupid & tried it

I got this Thunderous high like dirty weed high they think it’s good they don’t seem to understand the difference between a strong high & a dirty high

I dunno is it just me

there are two different strains you can see ones a bit cleaner but that’s the one I got a Thunderous high from & sore lips

What do you think of the pics looks dirty to me however I want a second opinion am I nuts & it looks good?

One thing is for sure I am going to tell them in no means they don’t get it I am not like 100000% not smoking dealer weed ever again that’s it I’m done
Dealers weed i need your opinion
Dealers weed i need your opinion 2
Dealers weed i need your opinion 3


Looks like standard street weed, it will not harm you. Try elsewhere.


Nvm I went though this years ago when I kept complaining about the hash.

My exact words at the start was wtf are these shinny bits anyway & take that crap away it tastes like diesel. I figured it was glass
In the end.

I kept saying to folks it ain’t right no one listened

I got called a idiot back then before it hit the news glass in hash & hash mixed with diesel from import never mind the back steet boys making there own hash.

I live in a dumping ground for bad weed & hash, never seen a town like it.

The top bit oveferted
The bottom is sprayed

I a very low tolerance for bad weed

Also lost a friend to that crappy hash.

Nvm I just a fool who don’t know what he’s talking about to most 😉


No "dealer" is worthy without trust, which doesn't mean we must forget about looking under the hood, "legal" or otherwise. Actually i don't buy the unconditional « legal=safe » statement turned into systemic dogma; here's one possible illustration about why, i wonder:

Great White North Growers Hatrick Runtz Bio   Contaminant

[ https:// ]

And of course when a guy starts to "wonder" it's no good incentive to call again...

In any case please feel free to pass the word people if one of you identified this!! ☮️
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