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heres a little sneak peak into my garden. ive only been growing for 3.5yrs as my old CG was a pretty crappy grower (his meds spoke for himself). I did about 1yrs research on growing before I bought anything or even posted a "newbie" question that has been answered hundreds of times. now, I do pretty damn good for myself. I have 5 patients I take care of and they have all been with me for 3 years. not too bad. its longer than any relationship ive had with a female. lol

anyways, the goodies

veg tent -- 5x10x7 600w mh in a big kahuna hood (love this hood), 2x 4' 4bulb t8 6500 for side lighting, 2x 4' 2bulb 6500k for cloning needs, 2x25 site aero cloners with bubblers, 6" 440cfm fan blowing hood air into tent to keep warm in winter, 8" 420cfm exhaust fan, carbon scrubber (yes in veg, my gorilla glues STINK!!!!) w/6" 440cfm fan on speed controller

flower room-- built 8x12x7 framed room (2x 6ml poly, 1x research barrier material on inside (4x walls, like shiny bubble wrap, but at 900.00 a roll), floor has 2x 6ml black poly and 3x 5ml panda film/white, ceiling has 2x 6ml black poly, and 2x 5ml panda film/white (may redo the ceiling to get another 5" height and then put the research barrier material after this harvest). room is framed with 2x4, 1x3 center studs, custom 36" door, and 1/2 plywood floor. built underground/basement in a commercial building I rent. perfect for temp controlling year round. 8000btu portable a/c, 8" 420cfm intake fan, MONSTER 75lb carbon scrubber matted to an 8" 720cfm fan, 18" oscillating fan inside blowing under 3x600hps in BIG kahuna hoods (these hoods are bad ass). DAILY temps are 73* lights on and 68* light off. R/H is 30-40% max year round.

soil FFOF amended with 1/3rd bag of chunky perlite and 1 cup powdered dolomite lime
myco innoc every up pot
technaflora recipe for success nutes (LOVE these nutes)
newtons apple
budswel yellow label organic guano
45gal h2o holding tank bubbled 24/7

flower room plants:
11x Gorilla glue #4 in 5gal pots
2x og ghost train haze #1 in 5gal pots
1x Valentine X CBD in 5 gal pot
4x Strawberries n cream (CSG) in 2gal pots test/pheno hunting

veg room plants:
GG#4 mom in 5gal
next flip--
9 GG#4 in 5gal
1x SFVxDMT in 5gal
1x OG ghost train haze #1 in 5 gal
4x strawberries n cream in 2.5gal pots
6x God Bud in 2.5gal pots

PICS are week 4 since flip- pre-flowers formed 3/19
I count flip at preflowers forming not 12/12

Demontrichs indoor grow
Demontrichs indoor grow 2
Demontrichs indoor grow 3
Demontrichs indoor grow 4
Demontrichs indoor grow 5
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sorry for the crappy camera phone pics. just got my new Nikon d3200 'kit' last night and need to figure out how to use it properly. even scored a macro lens for bud shots.
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