Desert Oasis Gardens Grow Diary

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Hi growmies,

Popped a few different genetics this round. They will begin to circulate into rotation once I can pull 5 clones from them.

So far they are soaking in a fish/kelp extract for 24hrs, then they will go into a wet paper towel until the taproot shows

4 beans of Bubba Reserve x Munson
Bubba Reserve = Bubba Kush x Trainwreck x Chemdog Special Reserve F3

4 beans of Alien Og x RS11

4 beans of old school Headband from like 2009 lol (not pictured)

4 beans of Malibu Marsha x Wilson

4 beans of Lemon Cherry Gusherz from Copycat
Beans popped 9
More beans popped 9
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