Devin's 2024 Grow Diary (Bag Seed).

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Whats up guys, just thought I would start to share what I currently have going on in the garden. I took a few month off but I'm excited to say that I'm back. I had to abruptly cut down my last garden and sadly lost all of my genetics that I previously had. Thanks to a co-worker that knows I'm into hunting bag beans I have something to grow.

I have no knowledge of what these are. They could both be the same strain they could be completely different. Looking at the growth structure its likely that they are completely different. One plant is much larger than the other. I did stress them out a little too much early veg, trying to slow there growth and just experimenting due to a packed tent full of peppers and this could have something to do with the size different, but both plants have had all the same treatment. I'm focusing all my efforts on the larger of the 2 as I'm still waiting for the smaller to show sex. If it is female i will take clones and save for the next run. I am currently super limited on grow space. My current setup a 2x3 with a bestva pro 200w and a bestva 100w, too much light for a such a little space but it gives me the option to dim or see how much the plants will actually take.

I wanted to experiment with my soil, this run I'm using soil that Ive used for many runs that has been re amended with gaia greens organics 4,4,4 and 2,8,4. I usually also use worm casting in this mix but this time I'm using our bunny's litter bin, the little rabbit eats a small fortune in veggies so I figured I would get some use out of her and save myself some money. I took here entire littler bin and full of wood pellets for straw and manure and mix it 50/50 with my soil mix. then I let this mix compost for a few weeks, (I wish i let it sit longer) then I took this mix and again mixed it 50/50 with my soil.

honestly, so far so good, I'm never very nice to my plants, I defoliate heavy and usually train the hell out of them, and this current plant is loving life, I even went as far as to strip the plant in early veg (not recommended) leaving only the top 2 leaves and a few nodes, and it took every bit of it and never missed a beat.

Currently, we are in a 10 gallon plastic pot, with our soil and bunny poo mixture, hay mulch and oat and barley cover crop has been planted, I have topped the plant twice now and have began tying branched down to widen her out. I will more than likely scrog her soon as well, to fill out 100% of our small 2x2 area.

I do have a question for all of you though, can someone educate me on what is causing this speckling on my leaves, I'm not finding any pest, so I think it likely a nutrition problem, Keep in mind I do not ph my water and I don't plan on it. Possibly something to do with the sort compost time for the bunny poo? I plan on just letting the plant work through it, just curious what everyone thinks.

January 28, (Day 1 Veg)
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed

February 4
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 2

February 13
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 3

February 24 (Went too heavy on leave to try and slow growth)
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 4

February 28,(didn't slow anything down)
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 5

March 3
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 6

March 6
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 7

March 8, I up potted to from 5 gallon into final 10 gallon, cover cropped, mulched and tied down.
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 8

Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 9

March 9, 8 hours after tied down, I love watching them recover and turn to the light.
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 10

Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 11

Does any one know what may be causing this speckling?
Devins 2024 grow diary bag seed 12
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Well just an update, our girls are not girls. I've decided to keep the male I liked most, which happen to be the shorter, stockier one with closer internodal spacing and we are going to flower and collect some pollen from him. I've never done it and am up for a learning experience. I grow for the enjoyment anyways and not for the bud so I honestly am happy to have a little stud around. I'm sure much like me many of the member have never flowered a male. Lets see what he does and do our best to learn.

Which also I do have a question and curious of everyone opinion. these were bag seed so I'm assuming there are one of 2 things going on.

First if these seed were from a hermaphrodite plant I would have expected them to be females. I ended up with 2 males from seeded bud. which tells me these are just accidental pollination from the grow and who ever was growing these also had some males around. Or am i incorrect in my assumption that female plants that hermaphrodite due to stress and or late flower do not make feminized seeds? Just an interesting thought experiment. Any Ideas?

BTW were are about 2 weeks into flower at this point. I have the humidifier off so my humidity is hanging in the 50s. and he was only topped in hopes he was a female. I still chose to do lolly popping and defoliation only for air flow due to the fact i will be turning the fans off soon in the tent as the pollen comes closer to dropping any advice would be helpful.
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The flowers are just beginning to open. Flipped the lights on the 16th. Do males flower this fast? Im starting to think I wrote the wrong dates down.
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Today I think this grow comes to an end. This boy has satisfied my itch to learn and collect some pollen for a future project.

After asking the community and searching on different methods to harvest to pollen I decided to try the tinfoil method. I collected pollen over a few days like in the video. Then picked out all the flowers and plant matter. Put in a baggy. Then triple bagged that. (Why not) put in a jar with rice in the bottom and now it is in the freezer.

It's been fun and I'm excited do some breeding with this mystery male.

Just a few notes for others looking to do this. I have no females in my grow at the moment. I'm sure you could get away with doing this if the girls were in veg all would be okay.

Also the pollen seemed to upset the allergies of someone in our house so if your sensitive to pollen keep that in mind.

Other than that it was super simple. I ended up not give my last feeding that I normally do because I knew that I would be cutting him down prior to him needing a feeding. So why waste the nuts.

I also ended up taking a clone to keep around just incase the pollen isn't viable and I don't have to go hunting a male again that I like.

This grow has taught me a few new skills to put in my growing tool belt. I definitely recommend everyone give it a try if you have the time and space.

Good luck everyone.
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