Diamond Nectar and Age Old Kelp

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I've been using Liqud Karma for a while now. The stuff is expensive and I seem to run through it like water.

I read a while back the LK isn't what it was and now its just overpriced garbage. Apparenlty Botanicare changed the recipe of LK.

From what I've read when LK was good it was good because it had a large quanitity of humic acid in it. LK is derived from sea kelp.

So... The idea (spawned by my Local hydro store) is to mix Age Old Sea Kelp and GH Diamond nectar together to make my own version of LK. a quart of Diamond nectar and a quart of Kelp cost about the same as 1 quart of LK. Hopefully this mix works.

Anyone else try something similar to this?

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