Diaries of my first grow ever. With pics!

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This is my first grow ever. It's been a bit over three weeks now and this is how my plants have progressed.

Training methods used:
Topped one plant

Nutrients used:
Advanced nutrients micro, grow

When they are in flowering stage I plan to use
Big bud
Bud factor x

I use my current fertilizers at half strength and administer once a week with molasses being every watering. I used the recommended 2m/litre and I ended up with burning on the leaves on three of my plants and the growth was stunted for a couple of weeks as well. My two larger plants didn't get burned because they were fairly bigger I'm guessing. I did start my LST with a fine wire which isn't the best. But I bought some gardening ties, the rubber coated steel wire kind and I'm using those now.

My setup

-5 gallon grow bags (and one recycling bin lol)
-Phlizon Cree cob 3000 led grow lights (pulls 600 watts from the socket)
-5x5 foot grow tent
-ventilation is done by ac infinity cloud T4
- some generic soil with worm castings in it (forget the brand)
-exhale co2 bag

I don't know what strains I'm growing. I planted random seeds that my friend got in his weed from somebody else. I hope they're all females though. I also have no idea whether they're photo period or autos.

My light cycle for now is 20/4

Ill keep posting with updates.
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I've introduced rhino skin and b-52 into my veg nutrient lineup. But here's an update (mostly for my logs) on my grow!

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