DIY (four by four by six) grow tent

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Hey guys! Trichome licker here. Haven't grown in over a year due to some life changes. Recently starting gathering up some stuff and noticed my tent was damaged, so i jumped on ebay and ordered one. Turns out the seller ripped me off and kept my money. SO! with an utterly urgent need of somewhere to put my plants i said fuck it and hit lowes. Bout eight 2*2*8's and built my own tent. I used extra thick plastic roll. Its sealed up good. Not worried about light leakage. As the basement is blacked out when lights are off. Holding humidity and temp. Everything is running smoothly so far.
1 northern light auto and two violet kush autos. I also have 2 sour kish photos germinating. (If anyone is interested i will post everything i used at bottom of post) Lmk what you guys think! Ill be posting weekly sometimes daily. Thanks guys/gals

*Eight 2x2x8 pressure treated lumber ($28 in ohio)
*Sixteen 2" screws
*Twelve small cuts with circular saw
*Roll of plastic
*Staple gun and staples
Diy four by four by six grow tent
Diy four by four by six grow tent 2
Diy four by four by six grow tent 3
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