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Hi guys, I've been scouring the net for information and I apologize in advance in case this has been covered already.

I'm building an 8x8 grow tent, hydroponic with c02 enhancement and it will probably be a vegetative and flowering tent. (I'm guessing I need full spectrum?)

I'm going to grow 4 plants only and I wanted to build a light for each of them.

I'm inspired by a video I saw on youtube,

He's building with these parts:

Boards(PLC Photo Boost)
Heatsinks (PLC 46")
Driver(2 HLG320h-c1400b)
Frame 40"-48"
Dimmer (100K ohm)

I would like to build a light very similar to this and I would love any suggestions on the latest LED strips and drivers/configurations for the highest efficacy and efficiency.

I've been reading a lot about achieving 30w per square foot, but more is desired when adding c02, which is what I wish to do.

Any help and guidance will be much appreciated, thank you very much.


Do you enjoy electronics projects?

I'd buy meanwell drivers. Phillips or Samsung diodes. And use aluminum as a backing. Do my math and solder it up.

Samsung directly sells all sorts of LED diodes for your project.
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