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Steve Z

whats up fellas.

taught a homie how to do this earlier, thought i'd spread the love. its super easy, quick, USEFUL, perfect for stashing some nuggage (i prefer hash and/or beans) but very stealth, and cheap.

Supplies -

*Arizona Ice Tea (you can use any can really, i just prefer the long shape of arizona's, it feels its easier to distribute and add weight as well, makes it feel more authentic.)

*Pill bottle with screw on cap.

any size works, just as long as it fits into the can, and i prefer to not have the depth of it reach halfway down the can, as long as its on just the top half the weight will still be distributed efficiently to go unnoticed.

*Super Glue

*Caulk (1 arizona bottle = 2/3 of an alex caulk stick, or you can get the paste tube that doesnt require a gun, a large one is about a can with a little bit left over for mess ups.

*Exacto Knife

so lets get to it

1. see the lip under the lid, that little gap between the lid and the can itself? that is where we want to make our cut.

i've noticed sometimes it can be pretty easy to get the knife in there, and the initial puncture is what you have to watch for.

do this over a sink, so the arizona in the can wont get everywhere if your messy.
i've had a couple cans that have a somewhat hard time to get through. it may be the dull blade, but i have noticed using fresh exacto knives always helps.


now add a little soap and rinse with water. no need to get crazy cause its about to get filled anyway, and its also easier to fuck up the can and make it look bad now that there is no liquid or top to keep it all in check.

now get your caulk gun and fill the can 1/2 way full. measure it out if your unsure.


let dry overnight. this is where most of the weight comes from. i've experimented with adding things to the caulk to add a little weight, and i've noticed 4-5 nickels is best, if at all. not really a concern, but i like my feeling right.

Once dry, take your Pill bottle and super glue the lid of the pill bottle to the underside of the lid of the arizona can.


Now this is where what you used comes into play. i look at it like a transplant, i add enough caulk to where i have to push the pill bottle and lid down hard enough, to where the lid of the arizona can is back on, and to look in tact. this is the most important part of the process, and where your bottle sits is how the lid will sit on the can.


now let dry, and fill the remaining areas around the pill bottle will the remaining caulk. i like to leave about 5-10% open to give a little more feel, and to save caulk if making several.


Let dry, and boom! throw in the fridge with all your beans, set it as a stash in your mini cooler, in the car, wherever! dont pay 25$ for one at a headshop, thats for sure.

(I will finish and edit this later i cant seem to get my last pics to load. going to try tomorrow)


Thats a good idea if you have to hide your nug. Like the ingenuity...


Looks good wish I had one of these when I was in high school lol. Stoners are clever thats for sure.


nice design there are companies that have these made for sale outta all kinds of soda bottles for $10 ea. they have household cleaner bottles and even aquafenia water bottles as well.


Pill Bottle

What pill bottle do you use? I can't find any like that. Anyone have any clue which one it is and where to get it? Helps appreciated.
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