Do sativa seeds look alike and do Indica seeds look alike?

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I been curious what people have observed in the realm of common physical characteristics in Sativa beans and Indica beans.
For example my Sativa dominant seeds are small and my indica seeds are big (just an opinion)

All opinions welcome!!!
In my experience, sativa seeds are very small, and afghan/ indica seeds larger . I have a pack of burmese i have been sitting on and the seeds are barely larger than beads. Also had some purplewreck from Reserva that were super small .
I agree ^^^^ please feel free to share any other observations in differences or similarities in sat and indi beans!
What would most of us consider Cheese to be? An Indica, no? My pheno had very large bright green buds with very small calyxes. I've crossed her to several different plants, some indica, some sativa, and the seeds look alike because they are all offspring from the same mother. If I breed a male from an Afghan strain known to have giant calyxes, into a Thai female with tiny calyxes, I'll get small seeds no matter what genetic code is in the seed. I could do the same with the opposite sex of each, using the giant calyxed Afghan female and a Thai male..... but ending up with giant seed......which would be almost identical in genetic makeup as the small seeds. No difference, asa DNA. But, a huge difference in bean size.
Mg hit it. Calyx size. Example, most folks have seen seeds from bubba kush?, these always look the same. Ovoid with a large ridge sometimes mishaped and if the plant was healthy, seeds are large. When a small sickly gal Is seeded small seeds more uniformshape.
Health will help in determining calyx size as well.

Thanks for the input fellas soon we'll get more feedback from more farmers and im hoping to come to a consensus about size and health of seed i am also hoping to hear opinions on seed color and shape and so forth. I know its not common practice but im hoping to learn what is decisive and what is not. Peace
if you don't mind my 2 cents ive found in the pure world indica being a faster maturing plant makes a smaller seed being a short flowering time and same for sativa longer bigger but c we have so many hybrid crosses seed size varys so it a crap shot just my opionion
I agree , So many hybrids and the discipline honesty and experience it takes to really know is phenomenal! So many people say a true Sativa has to take forever to flower But i been hearing there are early finishers in the tropical equatorial areas also??? Any one from an equatorial country please chime in especially for Sativa input....
Jobeown i appeeciate your input and im capitalizing on all .02 :). I plan on one fay doing a test based on this thread so there is no right wrong answer!

Hopefully this thread stays objective and not turn into whos wright and wrong but threads take a life of their own sometimes....
hear that I grew out some beens I got on my trip to mexico was some of the best buzz ive had but the plant grew very tall and took 18 weeksin bud and in my opionion could of went longer got rid of her
Sats are a challenge and a half pretty much necessary to do everything in your power to make finish... Light dep pretty much a necessity
just to long to bud out pheno 1 straight colas 3to four no side branching but 12 pulled needed more and then their is the giant pheno two very branchy and grows very tall 18 weeks pulled and in my opinion could of went 16 on 1 22on 2 buzz was sativa great body buzz no taste to brag about but is all sativa
Nice input fellas, any opinions on solid black beans i have what i was told was sativa seeds and their lil black beans lol cool shit i look for the beans to take a pic!