do you smoke every day ?

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I had friends that grew all through my 20’s. I lived in an old airstream camper in the woods with low bills, grew lots of food, stole electricity even. Those days I smoked great stuff every day all day and played the drums 8 hours every day. Good times..

Then when the friend grows dried up I never bought pot again, aside from when I was traveling in different countries. That’s now been a bit over a decade. I’ve never been out though because people have always just given me bits and pieces of mostly bullshit here and there. So for the last decade or so I’ve been a 2-4 hits a week kinda guy.

Then earlier in Spring this year someone gave me a couple good plants that I grew on my porch with inadequate light and never fed them. I didn’t give them any attention. I dried them slowly but not in the dark and was too busy and ignorant to finish them well. Got about 7 grams off two plants haha! They don’t taste or smoke good but I have been smoking much more now and totally happy with them! They aren’t ultra potent but they’ve given me the most positive and uplifting highs since the good ol’ days.

Now with these legit quality buds that I’m growing, I’m planning to smoke about 2 big hits every other day on average. That’s about where I am now already.

I farm in the sun every single day, usually until the sun sets and for almost 10 months out of the year. I find that there’s just no way I can keep my productivity up if I smoke before the day’s work is done. I micro-dose mushrooms on and off instead :))


Long-time daily smoker
Recently (a couple months ago) I took a detox break. Planned to go 21 days but made it to about 15

I took the break because I thought the weed might be making me anxious and causing me to procrastinate a bit too much on things... Taking a break didn't make a difference though... in fact my anxiety increased and I found myself even less focused on goals.

I did notice a few things the weed caused like forgetting my keys and fumbling things seemed to go away when I wasn't smoking. Regular stoner moves.
Also when I first stopped it really messed up my sleep for the first few nights, but then I started sleeping very well and having deep vivid dreams in the week before I started smoking again...
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